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WordPress is a well-known content management system (CMS). It is a platform used by many website developers as well as anyone who would like to build a website.

How is WordPress used?

Think of WordPress as the engine room of a website, where all the coding resides behind the scenes so that a website can function.

There are other platforms. Also, they are for the most part more complicated to use than WordPress. Building a basic website is not out of reach for most people. However, it does require some basic computer skills.

However, those skills are not difficult for most people. It will need some time to learn them. However, it is well worthwhile doing so. WordPress is made to be very intuitive and easy to learn, hence its popularity.

Build a website using WordPress

For anyone who would like to build a website with WordPress, these skills are well worth learning. People often create more than just a single site, so the skills are very worthwhile in long-term. learning.

One of the many virtues for WordPress is that very little coding knowledge is required. In the case of creating content, the platform provides a WYSIWYG editor.

The analogy for the WordPress content editor is that if you can use Microsoft Word, then you should not have a problem using the WordPress editor.

Adding content to any website is very important and doing so in WordPress website is very easy. Understanding the WordPress plugins system while not involved does require some knowledge.

Understanding WordPress is not difficult, but learning about the platform’s system should be undertaken before you attempt to build a website.

How to Build a website with WordPress

Open source

It is open source also which means it’s free first of all, and most importantly may be modified in any way.

WordPress comes very well supported by the WordPress community, and there is lots of information freely available about the platform.

The book

But for some one who wishes to learn about how to get the best from WordPress, a book by April Hodge Silver called WordPress 3 complete. The book provides you with a guide from which you can use as a go to reference tool and guide.

The book has had many positive reviews from people who purchased the book, that is no revelation given it’s in depth explanations for doing just about anything using WordPress.

It is a step by step tutorial which used plenty of examples which are easy to follow; it is well supported with screenshots also.

The guide does not complicate procedure with complicated explanations about how to build a website and achieve great results using WordPress. It is free of complex Jargon which makes it ideal for a beginner considering building their first website by using WordPress.

The book will guide you through all the various processes from installing WordPress to using more advanced features for constructing a site.

It explains the use of plugins, how to use themes, custom post types and more.

It goes beyond showing you how to build a basic website, and shows you how to progress to more advanced methods for achieving more functionality and even person branding for their website.


This book is ideal for someone who wants build a complete website for business or blog. Highly recommend.

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