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I have only thrown away one book in my life. It was a freebie offered by a publisher for my reading group. They sent it with $200 worth of Alaskan seafood for our meeting. If they hadn’t sent the salmon, we may have raided their offices. That book was absolutely horrible. I wouldn’t wish that book on my worst enemy, so I actually destroyed it and threw it in the trash. I was afraid if I left it intact some unsuspecting person might remove it and try to read it.

That being said, my bookshelves are overflowing. As I look ahead to upcoming releases, I know that something has to give. So what do I do with the audiobooks I decide to discard?

Audiobooks DisposalDonate

There are many options for the donation of media. Most public libraries accept donations. Libraries love to add CDs in good condition for use in their collections. Some libraries contain secondhand shops for used books.


Used bookstores often accept pre-owned books and audio recordings. They usually give credit towards future purchases or cash on a sliding scale. offers forum for negotiating trades with other individuals. The service is free of fees; the only thing you pay is shipping. Posting books provides users with credits to use towards trades. offers a similar service. Enter the items you want to part with, receive requests, mail the selections and earn points, ask for books others have listed.

Of course trading doesn’t exactly help you with your shelf space, but at least you are gaining new titles!


My favorite way to clean out my bookshelves is to give titles that I have already read or listened to away. My friends often look to me for book suggestions. I sort through my collection, make piles according to their favorite genres and gift them. My family members are all readers as well. I regularly put together book care packages for them.


Admittedly there are a few books that I simply will not part with. Okay, so maybe it’s more than a few. How will I deal with my ever-expanding collection of “keepers”? I’m thinking of buying another bookshelf.

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