Wild Magic: The Immortals, Book 1 by Tamora Pierce

Wild Magic The Immortals, Book 1 by Tamora Pierce
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An Overview:

In Wild Magic: The Immortals, Book 1, Thirteen year old Daine’s parents were killed in a bandit raid on their village. Left to fend for herself, she went to live with wild animals. Her “knack” for communicating with animals had never been taken seriously as a magical Gift, but it helped her survive without human contact. After she finally rejoined humankind, she found it hard to fit in.

Main Body:

When offered a job aiding Onua, the horse mistress, in transporting a large number of ponies to Tortall, she jumps at the opportunity to leave home. On her journey, she rescues a hawk from Immortals, a group of half human, half metallic winged monstrous monsters. This act leads her to the mage Numair, who helps her learn about her magical Gift.

While traveling to Pirate’s Swoop to be trained further in her Gift, Daine tells her new friends about how she lost her mind after her family’s murder. Determined to exact revenge for their deaths, she joined a pack of wolves. When the villagers saw how her mind had been affected, they tried to kill her, but she escaped. With the help of Cloud, her beloved pony, she was able to regain her humanity and return to town. Once unburdened, she is able to begin more serious training.

She learns to heal animals and compel obedience from them. Eventually, she becomes assistant horse mistress. Her responsibilities include training Rider trainees and to continue refining her own magical skills. Daine is able to use her newfound skills to help save Tortall from another attack from the Immortal monsters.

Tamora Pierce, once again, has created a book with such incredible detail, vivid descriptions and three-dimensional characters, that I felt as if I were in Tortall beside Daine. Wild Magic takes place in the same world as the Song of the Lioness series, but if you haven’t read it, you will still be able to easily follow the story and enjoy yourself. Tamora’s writing was balanced perfectly by the full cast audio production.

The Narration:

By Tamora Pierce and the Full Cast Family. Daine’s voice was very pleasant to listen to and her reader was an excellent actress. I enjoyed all the other readers’ voices as well.

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