Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump

Trump How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump
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An Overview:

Trump: How to Get Rich, Donald Trump tells all in this enlightening insight of one of the most famous men in real estate and the general business world.

Main Body:

Trump talks about his real estate empire as well as family values, how he taught his children the values of hard work and money. In this audio book some of the other topics discussed are:

Advice about investments:

How to get a raise by impressing your boss Efficient business management The art of negotiation Maintaining brand quality.

How to think and live big: Trump discusses the lessons learned from “The Apprentice”, a show that was watched by millions, as well as advice about how to surround yourself by the type of people who will help you be successful.

He also discusses various successes and ideals in his own inevitable, tell it like it is style.

The Narration:

Barry Bostwick reads with conviction and assertion

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