The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick

The Paid companion by Amanda Quick
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An Overview:

“The Paid companion” The story is set in London during the 1800′s, Arthur hires a companion to act as his fiancé while investigating a murder.

Main Body:

Arthur Lancaster, the Earl of St. Merryn, finds himself in a predicament. Far too busy to consider courting, but the target of many women’s interest, he needs a way to discourage them without offending. Having a paid companion would be the best solution, he feels, permitting him to go about his business without committing to any relationship before he is ready.

When he meets Elenora Lodge, he knows that he has found the right employee. Elenora Lodge really is a genteel woman of good breeding, but her stepfather spent her inheritance and her fiancé broke off their engagement, leaving her penniless and homeless. Forced to support herself, she turns to the business of being a “paid companion”, hoping to be able support herself.

While carrying on this deception, Arthur and Elenora must investigate his great uncle’s murder. Elenora is a bright, likeable character who is able to keep up with Arthur. As they delve deeper into the mystery, both of them gain respect and warmer feelings for each other. They find themselves trying to resist their growing (but secret) feelings for each other.

Arthur suspects he knows who is responsible, but as time passes, the killer targets Elenora, forcing them to face the truth of their feelings. How does Arthur truly feel about her? What should he do? This historical mystery/romance novel is thrilling as it leaves the readers unable to turn off the book. Amanda Quick’s historical novels may feel familiar if you have read anything by Jayne Ann Krentz’s romance novel, as Amanda is merely a new pseudonym for her.

Her gripping story, enjoyable dialogue, thorough character development and titillating sexual tension, combined with Michael Page’s delicious British accent, were a lovely match. I would highly recommend The Paid Companion to listen to under a warm blanked with a nice cuppa and some scones.

The Narration:

Michael Page talents are successfully tested as he moves from a high brow English accent, to a more accent rich man in the street voice.

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