The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

Audio Book The Happiness Advantage
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Most of us have had it all wrong; our formula to succeed has been incorrect. Extensive research has shown that it is not success that fuels happiness; it is happiness that fuels success. As a society we are more depressed now than in any time in our recorded history. Depression has increased tenfold since the 1960’s.

Benefits of Being Happy

When we are happy, we far more creative, motivated, energetic and resilient. Our brains work far more efficiently and we become more competitive, more able to cope with stress and carry out any given task much more easily.

This is not just another book about positive thinking; it is about techniques that you can use that will make your brain happier making the path to life success easier and smoother. Shawn Achor is the author of the “The Happiness Advantage” and is the result of over a decade of lecturing and researching the field of positive psychology.

Case Studys

He users case studies involving people from every spectrum of life, spanning through 42 countries and includes fortune 500 executives to students He cites seven doable and practical principles that have been tried and proved to improve your overall potential and general performance to meet success.

These techniques allow you to succeed by being happier; by being happy it allows you to make your full potential and makes the road to success an enjoyable one. This is the crux of it all, Shawn does an admirable job of narrating this audio book, and it is not one of those boring books that drone on using a constant barrage of facts and figures and repetitive banter.

Deep but Light

Shawn does give of real life examples to illustrate various points but he does it using context and at times with humour. It took me by surprise initially to find myself having a good old belly laugh at some of the quotes and stories.

To get the full benefit of everything contained in this book I strongly recommend a second listening and making a note of the many key points on paper. Many of these you will have already experienced in everyday life, you are sure to have a few “Ah Ha” moments along the way also.

Shawn Achor explains the latest research he and his colleagues in the field of positive psychology have conducted. The results are fascinating:

  • When we are happpy our brain is much more efficient which makes us more productive and motivated.
  • There are methods we can use to become happier”
  • We can also overcome our inclination to procrastinate.
  • When we are “happy” , it will infect others in a positive manner.

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