The Beatles: The Biography by Bob Spitz

The Beatles The Biography by Bob Spitz
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An Overview:

The Beatles: The Biography. The first thing to be said about this audio book is that it is “the” definitive biography about the Fab four.

Main Body:

The result of almost 10 years of research which uncovered documents and interviews numbering in the hundreds that have never been revealed. Beatles fans are bound to be all ears as Robert Spitz paints a vivid picture of the Beatles, their reputation, and their true personality’s warts and all.

It is an accurate account of these four ground breaking musicians from childhood to later years, bringing to light all the highs and lows, the rivalry and comradely during their journey from the early days in Liverpool, to their seemingly overnight success becoming arguably one of the most popular bands in music history, right through to the end when they finally broke up, bringing an end to the magic which is unlikely to ever be repeated.

Some of the interesting accounts given deal with events such as John and Paul learning to write songs together in McCartney’s living room, what it was like backstage the night Ringo first played on drums with the band, how George lies about his age so that the Beatles could play the Ed Sullivan show in America, and the general chaos that was Beatlemania in the 1960s.

Beatles fans will love this book because of its accuracy, its detail and it’s been there feeling that it manages to impart. For any fan of the Fab four it is an absolute must have and “Hey Jude”, “Do you want to know a secret”, it’ sure to please even those that are not huge fans, “Yes It Is” yeah! yeah! yeah!….

The Narration:

Narrated capably and clearly by Alfred Molina

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