Peter and the Shadow Thieves: The Starcatchers, Book 2

Peter and the Shadow Thieves by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson
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An Overview:

Peter and the Shadow Thieves is a brilliant follow up to the first book in this series, Peter and the Starcatchers. Not only does it continue the story from the first book, but also brings in new elements of the Peter Pan story you knew and loved as a child.

Main Body:

Peter and the Shadow Thieves is the follow up to the very popular Peter and the Starcatchers Peter Pan prequel. In this book we hear of a new threat to Never land, a ship full of troublemakers who are in search of starstuff, the magical power that lets Peter fly and stay young forever. It can also make a person a great and powerful villain, which is what their leader wants it for. That leader is Lord Ombra.

They soon find out that Molly the Starcatcher has already taken the starstuff to London and they are on their way to the British city to try and steal it away. Peter now has to head out to help save Molly and her family from the threat that is tracking them down. This book is filled with adventure and sword fights in both London and back in Never land, where the Lost Boys and Hook are facing off.

While it may be a long read, it has you turning pages quickly and when you get to the end you are still ready to follow Peter for more adventure and excitement. It also introduces us to more and more of the characters that we know from the original Peter Pan book and gives us a little insight into where they came from.

If you enjoyed Peter and the Starcatchers, this is a definite must-have book as it continues the storyline and gives you even more of the unique back-story that authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have created.

The Narration:

Jim Dale once again lends his voice to this series of books and once again does it great justice. His voice is perfect for bringing this type of fairy tale story to life and you can really get a feel for the characters through his vocal changes

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