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Find out all you need to know about making an informed decision on buying a new juicing machine and making those nutritious and refreshing vegetable juices.

How has the juicer market changed?

As when purchasing any machine it is important to buy a product that will fulfil all expectations and offer great value for money, a juicing machine is no different.
However, it is important to know that some features of the most expensive machines can save you money in the long run. These money-saving features will be pointed out as I talk about them in this guide.

People wanting to buy a new juicer are often confused when confronted with all the various types of machines and different options. They are faced with questions like “Which is the best juicer for my family?”, “Which juicer should I buy?”, and “Which juicer would you recommend?”

If you are planning to buy a new juicer, then there are two main types to choose from, once you understand the differences between them, making a decision becomes much easier.

Whether you are planning to buy a juicer for the first time or simply thinking of upgrading from the current juicer, this guide should make your shopping decision easier.

Which is the best juicer for my family?

Juicing Vegetables an Introduction (5)

Benefits of Juicing

Why Juice?

At the end of the day, drinking vegetable juice is all about “receiving a nutritional blast” with each glass of vegetable juice you drink. It is the ideal nutritional supplement to a well-balanced diet. Juicing offers many benefits and is a very efficient method of obtaining one’s daily nutritional requirements from a variety of vegetables, even the types one might not necessarily eat! This allows one’s body to absorb the nutrients from a large measure of vegetables to go directly into one’s bloodstream in about 15 minutes.

Doctor with vegetables
It also allows one’s digestive system to have a break. Juicing on a regular basis offers incredible health benefits and ideally will be done on a daily basis. The many benefits of juicing cannot be obtained artificially and should not be underestimated. Juices will improve one’s well-being; improve energy levels, mental clarity and clearer skin and more.

When buying any machine it is important to buy a product that will fulfil all expectations and yet be great value for money, a juicing machine is no different. However, it is important to know that some features of the most expensive machines can save you money in the long run.

A few of the benefits

Receive your daily requirements of vegetables in a glass; vegetable juice is full of essential micro-nutrients required for your body. Enjoy mixed fruit and vegetable juice for that refreshing tang that no other drink provides! Drink fresh juice at any time of the day, experience overall well-being with improved digestion, improved energy level, clear skin, and much more.

Types of Juicers

Juicer Expectations

The ideal juicer will take certain tasks in its stride, the ability to juice any types of greens, grasses, herbs and fruits. It will be easy to clean, run quietly and return the greatest amount of long-lasting juice per yield with minimum oxidation without destroying any of the enzymes during the juicing process.
Juicing Vegetables an Introduction
Now that you are aware of the myriad of health benefits that regular juicing provides, let us check some of the various types of juicers and the different options available.

There are different two types of juicers available that vary in quality as well as price. It is always good to start with a cheaper centrifugal juicer if one’s budget is tight.

Quality or Quantity?

Centrifugal or Cold Press?
3000 rpm or 7000 rpm?

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the most commonly available juicers – they are easy to use. What’s more, they do not pinch your wallet.

Centrifugal juicers are cheaper than masticating or cold press juicers; it might be the obvious choice for those that are on a very strict budget. These machines work by pulverizing the vegetables and or fruit into a round cutting blade which spins a very quickly into a metal strainer. The juice is separated from the pulp by the centrifugal force by the spinning action of the cutting blades.
Juicer Benefits
Centrifugal juicing machines produce juice very quickly, are cheaper to buy and receive larger pieces of fruit and vegetables. When compared to a Cold press juicer they yield less juice which leaves a wet pulp, are noisy because of the action of the cutting blades which cut and grind. The very fast cutting and grinding also produces heat which destroys beneficial enzymes.


  • Fastest juicer in the market
  • Cheaper than other juicers
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Takes whole fruits or large chunks, takes less space.


  • Extracts less juice.
  • Higher waste produced in the form of wet pulp, high on noise.
  • Reduced juice quality.

Cold Press Juicers

Cold Press Juicers (also known as a slow or masticating juicer) use a different method of extracting the juice from fruits or vegetables by a kind of chewing process where the produce is squeezed to produce a superior juice. They are slower but much more efficient and thorough when compared to centrifugal machines.

Their initial cost is higher, but this needs to be balanced with the knowledge that these machines produce more juice each time so that in the long-term they may be a much more economical purchase than a centrifugal machine. They are excellent at juicing grasses, herbs, sprouts and leafy greens.

They are quiet in there juicing action, and some models also produce nut milk, sorbet and ice creams. Because there is very little heat produced, the juice retains its nutrients and enzymes which equate to the juice lasting longer if it needs to be stored (up to 72 hours)

If one wants the very best juice possible, where a loss of nutrients during processing is minimal, then a cold press juicer is the machine to buy.


  • Easily juice wheatgrass, sprouts, leafy greens, and herbs yield of juice are high.
  • Extracted juice may last up to 72 hours, Low speed helps keep essential nutrients and enzymes, machine is extremely quiet.
  • Some models also enable food processing.


  • They are expensive.
  • Slow speed means longer extraction times, vegetable and fruits need to be cut into shorter chunks as it has a narrow chute.
  • Produces high quantity pulp.

Features and Tips

What Makes a Great Juicer?

When looking for a perfect juicer, there are several aspects that you need to consider:

Electric juicer
Easy maintenance and low noise, can juice everything, including fruits, green veggies, wheatgrass, and even herbs. Provide high yields of juice.

Keeps the essential nutrients of a specific fruit or vegetable intact.
Low speed or rpm so that oxidation is minimized.
The ability to extract nut milk.


Many of the machines on the market have self-cleaning systems that so that most of the hard work are already done at the end of the juicing process. You machines still should be cleaned afterwards, but it is much easier. Regardless of the type of machine, they all need to be cleaned each time.

General tips

Choose a machine that ejects the pulp into an external container, this is more efficient as you do not need to stop and empty out the pulp from an internal receptacle.

Variable speeds

Multiple speeds allow more control, slower speeds are more suited to softer fruits and vegetables while the higher speeds are more suited to harder vegetables.

Feeder tubes

The bigger the feeder tube, the less preparation required as fruit and vegetables will need less cutting, if at all.

Juicing Container

Ensure the machine comes with a juice container that is designed for the machine. A larger size with an efficient cover means less mess and minimal transferring the juice into another container.

In conclusion

Overall best choice when money is no object!

A Cold-Pressed Masticating Juicer!

Coldpressed vs centrifugal
Aren’t these masticating juicers expensive?

Yes! They are expensive, and you may have to shell out anywhere from $320-$650 upfront, which is a big investment, BUT they offer tremendous savings in the long run!

The cold press juicer will extract 35% more juice! This represents significant savings just in the first year alone, the more juicing you do; the more you will save when compared to a centrifugal machine. Then there is the benefit of a higher quality juice due to less heat as there is no high-speed cutting action which equates to more nutrients and less damage to enzymes.

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