Halo By Eric Nylund, William C, Dietz and Joseph Staten

Halo By Eric Nylund William C Dietz and Joseph Staten
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An Overview:

Halo audio books are comprised of three of the most popular books in the series – The Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike.

Main Body:

Those who are always on a learning spree and are keen on experimenting with new learning styles and methodology, audio books could prove exciting. In an audio book, you don’t need to the read the learning material; instead listen to the related topic and its narration that is fed into an audio device, which could be a cassette, an MP3, or any other software that can be comprehended on a computer.

These books have become even more high-tech with the several new digital audio players launched in the market recently. Such a high-tech combo actually enables you to listen to your favorite music practically anywhere and at any given point of time. If you are a Halo fan, you will find Halo audio books irresistible because of their sheer variety and dynamics.

Select your favorite book Which Halo audio book? Of the most popular series comprise three books – The Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike. The first book gives detailed origin of the Spartan program, covering the start of the war with the Covenant, leading the entire way up to the first Halo discovery.

Avid readers like parts of the book describing the training and abilities of Spartans, highlighting their reputation as best soldiers in the human military. The second book, The Flood, is popular as the ‘novelization’ of the very first Halo video game. Each and every memorable part of the game is skillfully recreated in the book, in the exact way most of us remember it.

The method of storytelling in this case gates a little boring in this case, as most of us have done this before. Nevertheless, the details on the threat that the Hunters and Elites posed, mainly the floods destructive nature (that cannot be conveyed in the game) are pretty interesting.

First Strike, the last book of the series follows Master Chief and a few other survivors, tracing them as they try to come back to earth and caution them about the Flood. It details the group capturing the Covenant ship and its return to reach in search for survivor.

The Narration

The entire Halo series is interesting and worth preserving for a leisurely narration over the coffee table or amongst friends.

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