Escape from the Carnivale A Never Land Adventure

Escape from the Carnivale A Never Land Adventure by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson
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An Overview:

Escape from the Carnivale: A Never Land Adventure shows us more of the characters that live in Never Land. This time we are teamed up with Scallop, a mollusk princess with a heart that wants to roam and seek out adventure. She does, but it may be much more than what she really wanted.

Main Body:

Escape from the Carnivale gives us another look at the world surrounding Peter Pan, Hook and all of your other favorite characters from that fairy tale. In this book we get to know Scallop, who is a Mollusk Princess. While a life of royalty can be nice, she’s bored. So, she goes wandering with friends and makes the mistake of not listening to her parents.

Scallop ends up going beyond the safe areas of her tribe with a pair of mermaid friends. While it all seems to be fun at first, the tides change as some men in a ship kidnap her friend, Surf. Now Scallop and her other friends are getting that excitement they thought they wanted, but with a price.

If they fail, they may never see their friend again. If you read the Peter and the Starcatchers series, you may expect this book to be a lot like those. It’s not.

This book is written to a much younger audience and is great for kids in the age ranges of 4-8, perhaps younger if they are at a higher reading comprehension level. It also is the type of story that has a moral at the end for children to learn. This book is relatively short and can be listen to all at once or in short segments, whichever best suits you and your child.

The Narration:

Jim Dale has once again lent his voice to the characters of Never Land in Cave of the Dark Wind: A Never Land Adventure. There is no other voice I would want to hear doing these books as he is able to completely capture the feel of all the characters in his voice.

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