Clapton: The Autobiography

Clapton The Autobiography by Eric Clapton
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An Overview: Clapton:

The Autobiography. Eric Clapton chronicles his life from childhood to age 62 sharing his recollections of his life and career.

Main Body:

Clapton is considered by his fans to be a living legend and hailed as rock guitar legend. Clapton was born in 1945 as an illegitimate and was then raised by his grandparents. He recalls having interest music from a very young age which developed into a passion. Clapton’s career spanned over a period of 40 years beginning with the foundation of the well-known super group cream.

He has played to sell out concerts and sold tens of millions of records including such classics as Layla, a song about Patty Boyd the ex-wife of friend and ex Beatle George Harrison. Clapton speaks openly about his substance abuse including heroin and alcoholism with the occasional bout of pure stupidity which were the major contributors towards his failed relationships and general behavioral issues.

He gives a great insight into the reality of drug and alcohol addiction and gives an exact account of what it is to be drug and alcohol dependent. This audio book will give you a great sense of knowing Eric Clapton as a person, a musician and a fellow and humble human being who has been subjected to all the trappings and temptations of being a super rock star and is an earnest reflection of his career.

The Narration:

Simon Vance tells the Clapton story capturing the emotion and strain of Claptons earlier life in the fast lane.

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