Childrens Classic Audio Books

Audio Books for Children with Learning Disabilities
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Children’s classics books allow your child explore the world of fairy tales, fantastic fables, engaging American history, and Bible stories.

These books are available either in the form of audio book cassette tapes, downloads or CDs.

A couple of the latest and much-loved children’s books is The Case of the Twisted Kitty and The Dungeon of Doom. The Nancy Drew series has a fresh new mystery for your child – Secret of the Red Gate Farm while the Hardy Boys are here with their new case – The Shore Road Mystery.

Advantages of Children’s Audio Books

The establishment of children’s talking books has added a whole new dimension to the old art of story telling and a perfect method of introducing kids to reading and literature.

Main Advantages of Children’s Recorded Books:

Children's Audiobooks• Made interesting by the addition of music and sound effects. A lot of narrated books feature a full cast of actors while many are read out by the author or professional narrators. This usually makes it more interesting than a regular book reading session.

• They make a great learning tool for children who are still picking up words. It gives them the opportunity to learn correct pronunciations and improve the understanding of accent and vocabulary.

• A great way of passing the time when on the move, children get fidgety and find it hard to read while traveling. Lots of kids who suffer from motion sickness and cannot read while on a train or in cars, so listening whilst traveling makes for perfect entertainment as they can easily become engrossed in a good book.

Tip! The use of headphones allows peace and for other traveling companions, namely mum and dad!

• Most experts agree that listening to talking books inspire kids to read! They make a great platform for encouraging children to pick up reading as a habit. It encourages children to pick up books from an early age and leads them into the wonderful world of books.

• They encourage children to imagine, listening to a narrative compels the child to imagine story scenes rather than just look at them in an illustrated children’s book. Todays audio books for kids are accompanied by stunning background music and scintillating sound effects.

Several Great Suggested Titles for Kids

Harry Potter by J. k. Rowling Audio Book CollectionThe Harry Potter Series JK Rowling’s Potter mania continues with the Harry Potter series of books now available on CD. The audio book will give your child almost 12 hours of fun, thrill, mystery and magic. This book is a must have if your child loves fantasy stories.

Lemony Snicket – A series of unfortunate events The hugely popular book about the orphaned Baudelaire children and the series of events that occur in their lives is now available on audio as well. This book will hold their attention for hours together.

A Bear called Paddington The story of the little bear called Paddington who has to travel all the way from Peru to England to be a part of the Brown family. The difficulties that Paddington faces in his life and the changes that come about in the lives of the browns are simply hilarious and your kids will absolutely love it. Comedian Stephen fry does a great job reading the book.

The Frog Wore Red Suspenders This is an absolute classic and a must have if one has kids who like audio books. Author Jack prelutsky’s funny tunes and poems will certainly delight the kids. Your young ones will just love hearing this recording repeatedly.

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