Cave of the Dark Wind: A Never Land Adventure

Cave of the Dark Wind A Never Land Adventure
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An Overview:

In Cave of the Dark Wind: A Never Land Adventure you will get to better know the Lost Boys as they head into a mysterious cave in search of treasure and end up running for their lives from a mystery beast as well as Hook and a band of pirates.

Main Body:

Ever wonder what kind of trouble the Lost Boys get into while Peter Pan is away? Well Cave of the Dark Wind: A Never Land Adventure lets you know just what types of things are going on while Peter is gone. They find a cave that seems like a great adventure to explore, despite the warnings from others that there is an evil and scary beast known as the Goat Taker that lives in the cave.

They also hear about a treasure that is in the cave, which has them on a search for gold. Unfortunately they are not the only ones searching for gold. Hook and his evil followers are also on the trail of the gold, and the boys. This book is for a much younger audience than the Peter and the Starcatchers series. It is meant to be a chapter book for beginning readers who are in the age range of 4-8 years.

While they are very fun to listen to with your child and share the story, these are probably not books you are going to want to listen to on your own as an adult. My family had a lot more fun with this book than the first one. I think that is in part because this brought in the elements we love in Peter Pan, the pirates and treasure hunts. It was a very enjoyable adventure to share!

The Narration:

Jim Dale is continuing to lend his voice to this series of books. Lucky for us! He has an amazing ability to bring these books to life and I can’t imagine anyone else becoming the voice of Hook after listening to him throughout the initial series.

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