Books by David Baldacci

Books by David Baldacci
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An Overview:

David Baldacci is renowned for his mesmerizing murder mysteries that have earned him a remarkable reputation and a massive audience.

Main Body:

The Collectors and Simple Genius. His books have been translated into more than forty languages and sold over 50 million copies in print in 80 countries across the world. David Baldacci, born in Virginia in the US, has written many New York Times best sellers.

Try these:

• Simple genius
• The Collectors
• Hour Game
• The Winner
• Last Man Standing
• The Simple Truth
• Total Control
• Split Second
• Saving faith
• Wish You Well

These novels are the examples of fantastic plots put together with a skillfull narration of various events.

These books are some of the best creations of David Baldacci.

The Christmas Train

This book is not in the usual style of David Baldacci, it is a fantastic tale which revolves around a journalist, Tom Langdon, who lives in Washington, DC. He boards a cross-country train to meet his assumed girlfriend, who lives in Los Angeles.

The story is filled with twists and turns. Every passenger in the train is on the lookout for something that, they believe, will sweep away their troubles, and impart peace to their tensed minds.

Saving Faith

The second example is the audio book narration of Saving Faith, another Baldacci’s novel; the story, a political thriller, sounds like a movie pitch and is spiced with the techno-wizardry.

The story is about a villainous character Robert Thorn hill, a spy, Danny Buchanan, one of the great Washington lobbyists and his assistant Faith Lockhart. Thorn hill wants to resurrect the lost glory of the Central Intelligence Agency. The story is voiced by Chris Noth who lends cinematic impact and captures David Baldacci’s cliff-hanger suspense.

The Winner

In this example Frances Cassidy narrates the story of The Winner, one of Baldacci’s finest novels. It is a thrilling story of LuAnn Tyler, a smart, beautiful but poor waitress. Fortune favors her with a huge multimillion dollar lottery win. A sudden catapult from poverty to riches comes with dangers. Frances Cassidy narrates the story in a rich, sultry and powerful manner.

She lends an appropriate accent and inflection to the way LuAnn speaks before and after she becomes affluent. The listener notices the difference in the speech of a well travelled and educated LuAnn compared to when she was poor and desperately in need of money. Cassidy also captures the speech nuances of the streetwise Charlie, LuAnn’s friend and companion and the threatening Mr. Jackson.

The writer deftly creates the plot and the narrator successfully manages to translate it into suspense through her speech and keeps the listener breathless with her flawless pacing and emotional pitch.

The Narration:

In many of David Baldacci’s audiobooks, the spoken narration is assisted by musical scores that accompany the breathtaking action of the stories.

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