Books by Andre Norton

Books by Andre Norton
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Books by Andre Norton. A prolific author Andre Norton published over 130 books and wrote almost 100 short stories.

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Owing to advances in technology, we are no longer tied to paperbacks and hard covers in their traditional form. There are other ways of reading books available, it may well be in future years reading traditional books may lose favor to alternative methods of enjoying a good book. Many companies are making available audio versions of old classics and popular children’s books, which is great news for those who want to relive the days of their youth, or expose their children to the wonderful books of their childhood.

Fans of the Grand Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy will be happy to know that a number of Andre Norton Audio Books are in circulation and many others may be released soon. So many of us have been entertained by Norton’s stories of science fiction and fantasy during our teens and childhood, that getting
an audio version is like a definite treat that takes us back to childhood days, while we stay embroiled in our hectic everyday lives.

Andre Norton, who passed away in 2005, was known to have personally released the audio book version of her famous Witch World series. Many other famous Titles like Time Traders, The Beast Masters and The Empire of the Eagle etcetera are available as audio versions from online book retailers. However, the vast majority of the almost 300 books that Norton wrote are not yet available as audio books.

Last heard, this was because the ownership as well as audio rights for Norton’s books were under legal dispute. Many of the audio versions available are also not authorized. Until things get sorted out, Norton fans can avail themselves to a number of books that are in the public domain and are available

for free. The Librivox website has a number of Andre Norton audio books which can be downloaded for free in the US. So until more Titles become available commercially, you can enjoy these free treats! In 1963, Andre Norton began one of her best-known series of books. “Witch World” a series of 30 Titles about life on an imaginary planet that is only reachable by metaphysical gateways. It became a bookstore and library shelf icon.

The Andre Norton audio book “The Time Traders” series is available in a 6-CD set. Andre Norton’s Best Sellers. A few of the Andre Norton books that are a great buy are:

• Time Traders II: The Defiant Agents Key out Of Time
• Star Soldiers • Echoes in Time (Time Traders)
• The Solar Queen • Atlantis Endgame: A New Time Traders Adventure.

“Time Traders” the character Ross Mudrock has the option of joining a secret project, which involves carrying out research into the past for digging out the source of illegal technological innovations. Through this book, Norton has successfully updated The Time Traders (1958) to cover four decades of social, political, and technological changes, which includes computer games, cold war, and many more issues.


Norton was the recipient of many awards, notably the Jules Verne, and Fritz Leiber awards. She was also the first woman to receive the Grand Master of fantasy award from ” The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America” (SFWA) she was also inducted into the Ohio women’s all the fame as well as the science fiction and fantasy hall’s of fame.

The SFWA has named an award in her honor; it is in recognition of outstanding science fiction and fantasy novels for young adults.

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