Blood Tide: A Never Land Adventure Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson

Blood Tide A Never Land Adventure
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An Overview:

In Blood Tide: A Never Land Adventure you get to find out what made the mermaids go from friendly creatures to violent ones – a literal blood tide. This book takes you through trying to regain friendship with the mermaids as well as trying to foil Hook’s plot to take over Never Land. It’s quite a story!

Main Body:

While you may not have thought about this, natural disasters can strike Never Land and that’s just what happens in Blood Tide: A Never Land Adventure. The book opens with massive earthquake hitting Never Land, which triggers a number of unexpected happenings.

As the dust settles, a lot of things have changed. One of those things is that the underground caverns where the Lost Boys had hidden for years are flooded and they have to move.

Add to that the mermaids, who used to be friends to everyone, have suddenly become ugly and angry creatures who are violent to the natives. Thanks to the attempt by Scallop and Pearl to sort things out they discover the root of the problem.

There is a blood tide that is poisoning the home of the mermaids and slowly killing them. The rest of the book follows their attempts to find a way to stop the flow of the blood tide and save the mermaids.

Unfortunately, they have more to deal with than just the mermaid’s problems. Captain Hook has also hatched a plan to destroy the home of the Mollusk tribe in his attempt to take over Never Land. This is a very enjoyable book for younger readers and their parents alike.

This series of books are geared towards children who are in the 4-8 years old age range. They are essentially chapter books that are meant for new readers.

They will enjoy the adventure of the characters and as parents you may find that you are enjoying a little bit of a different look into the life of the Peter Pan characters you remember from your childhood.

The Narration:

Jim Dale is the perfect voice for these books. His voice is able to completely bring each of these books to life and let you feel like you are really listening to the characters all around you.

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