A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Memoir by Bill O’Reilly

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity A Memoir by Bill O’Reilly
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An Overview:

Bill O’Reilly, the anchor of the popular Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, uses stories from his childhood, teen years, and journalism career to illustrate the way his opinions and viewpoints have been shaped. The book is part memoir and part treatise, and provides thought provoking but entertaining listening.

The Main Body:

Bill O’Reilly begins his book by relating the tale of his third grade teacher, Sister Mary Lurana, who reached the end of her patience with young Bill. When he persisted in causing mischief in her classroom, she bent over him and said, “William, you are a bold, fresh piece of humanity.” O’Reilly states that he has never forgotten the moment, and a look back over his life proves that the Sister was totally right in her analysis.

The author goes on to examine the way his blue-collar upbringing in Levittown, New York, the friendships he formed, and the jobs he held all contributed to his world view and the firm opinions he expresses on his television show. The stories of his exploits as a child, his struggles as a teen, and his career moves as a journalist are sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring, and often humorous, and they go a long way toward explaining the dynamic and strong-willed personality that attracts so many viewers each weeknight.

Unlike a traditional autobiography that sets out a chronological record of the writer’s life, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity is organized around several main themes. Some of these include Politics, Fear, Religion, Standing Your Ground, and more. O’Reilly describes events from his life as a Catholic schoolboy, student athlete, high school teacher, and war correspondent and points to the ways his experiences have formed his patriotic, God-fearing identity.

His affection for his family is always obvious in his memories, and the tales he tells of his life-long friendships are some of the most engaging. Fans of Bill O’Reilly will find much to enjoy when listening to this book. They will get a glimpse into the events that shaped his larger-than-life personality. Even those who do not know O’Reilly should find the material engaging.

His life was a typical American middle class experience in many respects, and most listeners will find something in it they can relate to.

The Narration:

Bill O’Reilly reads the audio book himself, with outstanding results. His trained, broadcaster’s voice is easy on the ears, and the emotion of the personal stories comes through in his narration. The brief vignettes
he relates make the book perfect for listening in short bursts as time allows

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