Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Hear Heidi if you’ve ever longed to see the Swiss mountain slopes. This story transports the listener from the fine air and freedom of the mountaintop to the confines of Frankfurt, back to the peaks again, bounding in flowered fields with goats at your heels and sky utterly surrounding you. We meet Heidi when she [...]

Glass of Water

You are also at risk of dehydration in extremely hot weather, especially if you fail to drink enough fluid. However, the most common form of dehydration is when you fail to drink regularly, or when you choose drinks like coffee that do not actually re-hydrate your cells.


Sleeping well is a prerequisite for emotional well-being and physical health; it is a state of being alert, energized and with general clarity of mind. There are many who are running around a pillar to post getting things done, they are able to think on their feet and act before the thought is complete and all this because they, most likely, are getting a good night’s sleep.

Poor fitness has long been recognised as a common factor in the development of Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, heart failure and stroke. According to Dr Jordan Metzl, sports medicine physician at New York City’s Hospital, poor fitness is the number one cause of premature death.

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