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I keep receiving emails telling me that books are dying. Books are dead. Books are obsolete. The end is near for books. You know what I say? Shut up. That’s right, I said, “Shut up”.

I know that eBooks and eReaders are all the rage now, but this does not mean that every form of book other than digital is dead.

Lots of Years left in Paper Books yet Folks!

Hardcovers, paperbacks, trade paperbacks, and audiobooks are not dead or dying and, quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing that they are.

And Hang onto that Paper

Remember a few years ago when everybody insisted that businesses were all going to be paperless? There would be no need for printers because in the digital age, paper would be obsolete. I don’t know about you, but I still have a printer. My kids still do most of the homework on paper.

Even assignments that they create on a word processor are printed out for submission to their teachers. I still print out things all the time. Recipes, emails with information that I need for later and even reference materials get printed. Huh. Guess those experts might have been wrong…

Reading Devices are great, but not perfect

Books are not deadI love technology. I have a nice computer, a laptop, an iPod touch, and am lusting after an iPad. I have toyed with buying a Kindle for months. I love tech toys. However… I have read books on my iPod and my computers and to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled.

The iPod screen was small and to have the font at a comfortable size left me with little content on each “page”. I don’t like to sit at my desktop to read a book and the laptop is bulky. I know those issues could be solved with an iPad or eReader, but still… I prefer books.

Subjects preferred the iPad and Kindle to the PC.

Reading Speed Tests! And the Winner is?

The Nielsen Norman Group recently did a study of users on the Kindle, iPad, PC, and paper books. The study included subjects who enjoy reading. The results indicated that users read 6.2% slower on an iPad compared to paper and 10.7% slower on the Kindle. Subjects preferred the iPad and Kindle to the PC.

This was a relatively small study and will likely be replicated with more differentiation based on age and experience with technology, but the bottom line is that people read traditional print faster than digital.

Books eReaderBooks are beautiful

The results seem to dovetail with my feelings about having a book open with two pages of beautiful words spread before me. I don’t know why eBooks are less appealing, but I do feel more limited by the content offered on digital screens.

I still Plan to buy an iPad or Kindle

I plan on buying an iPad or a Kindle. I do. I love technology. I love books. But… I will not throw away my books and audio books. The likelihood of my converting my entire library to digital is about the same as me throwing away my printer and going paperless.

Yeah. Pretty much not happening.So please! stop telling me books are dead. It is inaccurate and will not convince me to burn my books and buy an eReader. All it does is annoy me, so to those that keep saying this to me, please shut up!

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