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I was thinking about Barnes & Noble’s troubles with stock prices when I realized that I remember very little about the intricacies of the stock market from that high school Economics class I took.

I get the big picture, but looking at the stock pages makes me slightly nauseous and I break out into a sweat as I flashback to the exam that required me to decipher the symbols.

There are LOTS of For Dummies books out there on audio!

This led me to call myself a dummy, which then led to me thinking about the For Dummies books and wondering if there was an audiobook that could help me refresh my memory about the stock market… or teach me what I never learned in the first place. Guess what? There are LOTS of For Dummies books out there on audio!

Books For DummiesStock Investing for Dummies by Paul Mladjenovic, narrated by Brett Barry

This title claims to make choosing winning stocks simple. It has case studies, tactics, resources, and how-to information in decoding company documents. The sample is a little off-putting. The reading is a bit mechanical, but it has very good customer reviews. Hm. Maybe I should learn about something else.

Personal Finance for Dummies by Eric Tyson, narrated by Brett Barry

In this economy, who doesn’t need financial advice? This book explains bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and all the other money terminology that goes over my head. Again, Barry’s narration sounds robotic. My mind wandered within the first 60 seconds of audio. Not good. Unfortunately, he seems to narrate most of the Dummies books. For me, this could be a problem!

Italian for Dummies by Teresa L. Picarazzi

Well, no author is listed for this one, but the voice is female. Unfortunately, she too sounds mildly mechanical. I don’t get it. Why is the narration so odd? It sounds as though it has been auto tuned and slowed down. Very unappealing. And the sample doesn’t even play a lesson. Not happening.

French for Dummies by Zoe Erotopoulos

Another letdown. An anonymous female voice announces the same information as the Italian book. No lesson samples at all. And the woman is robotic. I give up.

Staying Stupid

Apparently Dummies are not for me. The choiceis limited and the samples I listened to were incredibly unappealing. The robotic voices would put me to sleep well before teaching me anything. I’m thinking I’ll abandon the Dummies for a little while and just hope that I can remember enough of my high school economics to get me through… or that my husband will explain it to me.

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