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It is obvious to all who know me that I am a prolific reader. I always have a book in hand, several best seller audio books in a stack near my bed and on an end table..

A huge collection on my shelves, audio books loaded in abundance on my iPod, and an audio books best seller list that I want to listen to.

The question I am asked most often is, “Can you recommend a good book?” I am more than happy to oblige those friends who share my eclectic tastes; however I hesitate to offer suggestions to those I do not know well. Rather than give them titles that they might not enjoy, I choose to offer sources so that they might find books that appeal to them.

Best Site for Audio Books: Your on it!

Best audio is an obvious starting point. The site, in case you are unfamiliar, offers an audio books download store with search and browsing capabilities. The audio book review section offers reviews in several categories with ratings. In the news, I discuss the best new audio books and whatever strikes me on a given day. The forum is a fantastic place to share recommendations.

The forum is a fantastic place to share recommendations.

Sunday New York Times

I subscribe to the Sunday New York Times. The first thing I reach for is the Book Review section. Reviews of new fiction and nonfiction are written intelligently and by interesting people – often other authors. The weekly listings of best-selling audio books are fun to skim and this is one publication in which I even read the advertising.

Entertainment Weekly and People Magazines both offer book reviews. These outlets are generally not in-depth, but I have stumbled onto some great titles in both the magazines and the Entertainment Weekly website.

Audible has one of the best home pages for audiobook lovers. Once you register, your home page hosts a fantastic collection of award winners, the best audio books in new fiction and nonfiction, top downloads, and recommendations. Audible also often hosts author chats, which are announced on the home page as well. This reminds me: On June 2, don’t forget to visit Audible on Facebook for the live chat with bestselling author David Baldacci (at 7pm EST).

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to enter topics that you wish to receive notifications for. Based on your needs, you can choose what type of content, the frequency, the number of results you wish to see, and how often you receive the email alerts.

If all else fails, I go to the library and plant myself in front of the new books shelves. I have found tons of fantastic books… yes; you guessed it… by becoming intrigued by a cover or title. This is how I found The Mistress of the Art of Death. It was solely because I loved the title.

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