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Are eBooks replacing printed books? If the growing popularity of eBooks is any indication, the answer, it seems, is yes.

Today, most book lovers prefer books in the electronic format over the printed version.

EBooks have numerous benefits over printed books. The most prominent ones being:

1. EBooks are cheaper

An eBook, in general, costs less than its printed version. A voracious reader can save a lot of money on his/her collection by choosing eBooks over printed books.

2. EBooks are delivered immediately



The ease of purchase and instant delivery are the two biggest advantages of using eBooks. You can purchase an eBook from anywhere where an Internet connection is available. An eBook takes, at most, a couple of minutes to download.

So, in effect, you can start reading an eBook within minutes of its purchase. In comparison, to purchase a printed book, you have to visit a nearby bookstore, which, needless to say, is time consuming.

Of course, you can buy a printed book online- but the delivery takes a minimum of two to three business days.

3. EBooks are easy to carry along

Imagine carrying the printed version of War and Peace, which goes up to 1,300 pages, with you. Now imagine carrying hundreds of printed books as bulky as War and Peace.

The point is that you can carry one or two printed books, but you certainly cannot take your whole collection with you wherever you go. On the other hand, you can carry hundreds of eBooks with you in an eBook reader, phone, or tablet, without having to lift more than a few hundred grams of weight.

4. EBooks are easy to store

EBooks are easy to store as they do not occupy any physical space. You can store hundreds, even thousands, of eBooks in your eBook reader or laptop. In comparison, you will need plenty of space to store so many printed books.

5. EBooks are easy to distribute

Ever worried about lending a book to someone who may not return it? With eBooks, lending is not an issue. You can easily distribute them to your friends via file sharing sites or email.

What is an eBook reader, and what are its benefits?

Initially, eBooks were read on a computer or laptop screen. This, as you may have experienced firsthand, is not very pleasing. Laptop screens are not conducive to reading for long hours. To make reading eBooks a more satisfying experience, eBook readers were developed.
Barnes and Noble Nook eBook reader
An eBook reader is an electronic device designed primarily for reading digital eBooks. Today, eBook readers such as the Kindle, the Apple iBook’s application available on iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Sony PRS-350, or the Nook tablet are a huge rage. These devices are not very expensive and offer users multitudes of benefits and advantages. Let us take a look at the some of them-

1. Designated content service

All top eBook readers have a designated content service that contains up to hundreds of thousands of eBooks. For instance, Kindle’s designated content service contains 1.6 million eBooks.

Some eBook readers also offer electronic version of pre-1923, out-of-copyright books for free. This is certainly a big advantage, especially to those who love classics.

2. Power to change the font size of the text

Some printed books have such a small print or the words are packed so close together that one invariably suffers an eye strain by the time the book is finished. In case of a printed book, you cannot do much about the small print other than wishing the font should have been bigger.

However, eBook readers give you the power to change the font size of a text and the font style as well. Some eBook readers, such as the Kindle, also allow you to set the number of words in a line and the number of lines on a page.

3. Store your eBooks on different electronic devices

Although eBooks are digital, they are as permanent as printed books. All top eBook readers allow users to back up their collection. You can also choose to download eBooks to multiple electronic devices, such as your phone or laptop. Either way, you can easily retrieve your collection in case you lose your eBook reader.
eBooks Digital File Formats

4. Read the first chapter of any book for free

You want to read a particular book that your friend has recommended, but the book is expensive and you are not sure if you would like it. What do you do in such a case? You can’t buy a printed book online and return it if you find it uninteresting. You can visit a book café and go through the book, but it will be time consuming. On the other hand, if you use an eBook reader, you can simply download the first chapter for free and read it without any hitch.

5. Built-in dictionary and other many other useful features

All eBook readers have a built-in dictionary. This feature makes reading easy and more pleasurable. This feature is also of invaluable help to those who love to learn new words. The best eBook readers, in addition toigital a built-in dictionary, have many other useful features such as a text-to-speech and a silent page turning feature.


With all of the above said, many people still love the look and feel of a real book made from paper, there is something to be said for that, let there be no doubt. Many have no interest in digital books even after they acknowledge there many advantages, for many, the original book format holds a certain romance that is difficult to explain, hardcover books are going to be with us for some time yet, even in light of all the advantages that digital books offer.

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