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I just happened to stumble onto an interesting find. Six decades of interviews with literary giants.

Seriously. Capote, Nabokov, Burroughs, Huxley, and so many more have interviews on The Paris Review What a find!

All Free

Each interview is introduced by a description of the setting. The interview then proceeds and is available to print.

All of this is completely free. The most appealing thing to me is that it sparked my interest in some authors I had forgotten or not considered lately or at all!

I went back and forth between the interviews and to find audio books that I want to read now that I have had the opportunity to read more about the author – in their own words.

Maya Angelou Books

Author Maya Angelou

Author Maya Angelou

Several years ago, I read some Maya Angelou books. They were so incredibly inspiring that I passed them on to my sister to read. I had forgotten about them until I found this interview with her. Now I want those books back! I loved I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – read by Angelou herself.

This is incredibly moving. I highly recommend it. My favorite Angelou book (that I am going to call my sister later today to try to get back) is Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now. This book is incredibly inspiring. It is so empowering for women.

Any words I offer would be inadequate to describe this book.

Stephen King Interview

Author Stephen King

Author Stephen King

The interview with Stephen King is in two parts. The first part is from just two years after he was struck by a van, the second in 2007. King is incredibly interesting. Of course, if you have read any of his books, you already know this. The interview is great and it makes me think of how much I enjoyed Under the Dome recently.

The audiobook, narrated by Raul Esparza, was awesome. I liked the book so much that I listened to it AND read it in traditional print. The writing was a return to the King style I used to like. For a while I wasn’t impressed, but I’m back to loving his books…

Interview with Ray Bradbury

I was thrilled to see a recent interview with Ray Bradbury. I have been searching my kids’ bookcases for a copy of Fahrenheit 451. I know we have at least one. With Banned Book Week wrapping up soon, I wanted to make sure to get it out and read it with my kids. The audio version is read by Christopher Hurt and is truly amazing…

There are tons of great interviews to check out. Trust me, you’ll be looking at authors in a whole new light… and be dying to read their audiobooks!

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