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Parents know how critical that time is when your busy toddler is napping.That may be your only time to safely shower, clean, or nap without worrying what your active child is doing. So what do you do when they no longer need to nap?

You could shower at night, live in a pigsty, and remain sleep deprived… or you could use an audiobook to keep your toddler calm and give them some quiet downtime.

Toddlers Need Rest

They may no longer need midday sleep, but active toddlers still need rest. They are constantly bombarded with new stimuli and are learning and growing exponentially. Rest time allows them a respite from the constant stimulation. While you may understand this, they don’t! How can you keep your child calm and quiet in their room so that they can recharge?

ToddlersAudiobooks to the Rescue!

When my son received a toddler tape player as a gift, I didn’t realize just how useful it would become. Easy-to-push buttons and relatively indestructible design virtually guaranteed that he could be trusted with it. I just needed to figure out what he could listen to… besides music.

Children love hearing stories. Tapping into that love, I began to purchase books on tape for my son. There are literally thousands of titles available for young children. Classic tales (The Velveteen Rabbit), stories featuring favorite characters (Olivia), and even simple nonfiction books (It’s Fun to Exercise) are all accessible in audio format.

Children’s books on audio come with picture books so that kids can follow along with the story – a pre-reading activity that will be a great benefit as they grow. By setting up the busy bee with a story in his room, he was occupied but not over stimulated. This allowed both of us to enjoy rest time.

Player Options

Cassette players are now obsolete. Parents can find mp3 players and CD players specifically designed for toddlers on and other web sites. I truly wish I had had these options! I spent hours re-spooling cassette tapes after that busy toddler finished with them! Make sure the player is made for little fingers, with easy controls and sturdy construction.

Keep Reading

Using books on CD or mp3 won’t replace that special time that you spend reading to your child each day. It will, however, help both of you make good use of some quiet time.

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