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When Amazon was throwing around numbers of books “sold” around Christmas time, I was annoyed. I mean, can a book be considered sold if it’s free?

In my eyes, the answer is a resounding “no”. Sold, to me, means that someone thought a book, eBook, or audio book was desired enough that people were willing to shell out money to read it.

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Free books as bestsellers?

I have downloaded several free eBooks, only to delete them after finding that they weren’t what I wanted. Had they not been free, I never would have downloaded them in the first place.

Because of this, I haven’t put much stock in Amazon’s numbers… but apparently they just announced that they will remove the free books from the main bestseller list and create a separate list for free books. This just makes sense. While some publishers may dislike the separation – many use the free books to promote sales of other books – as a reader, I appreciate the distinction.

Supermodel Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, supermodel, reality show and talk show host, is adding author to her list of careers. She just signed a deal with Delacorte Press for three books. The children’s fantasy novels will be about a girl whose life is changed when she enters a school for supermodels. I’m not sure where the fantasy comes in, but Tyra claims to be writing the books without a ghostwriter… Should be interesting. The first book is due in June of 2011.

Google Editions

Audiobooks Google EditionsGoogle Editions will reportedly offer over 4 million titles. I’m not entirely sure if this includes the public domain scanned books that are now online in Google Books or not, but that’s an awful lot of books. Google seems to be keeping pretty quiet about Editions.

David Baldacci Fans

Are you a fan of author David Baldacci? Well, on June 2, Audible is hosting a live chat with the author at 7-8:00pm ET. He will be talking about his latest novel, Deliver Us From Evil and will be taking comments and questions from fans. Join the Audible Facebook page, RSVP to the event, show up and click Live and you’re set to go!

A quick note: My amazing friend, author JM Tohline, is incredibly talented. Do your self a favour and visit and check out his latest project. While you’re there, take a look at some of his writing. You’ll be glad you did!

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