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Despite the strange early details gleaned from the iPhone prototype found earlier this year.

The formal announcement from Steve Jobs about iPhone 4 still has Apple fans excited for its release. Audiobooks, iBooks, and more apps will be available in addition to significant increases in capabilities.

In Stores on June 24

The new model will hit stores on June 24, with pre-orders being accepted in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan on June 15. The 16 GB model will retail for $199; 32 GB for $299. The iPhone 3 GS is now selling for $99, at a significant discount.

Black or White with a Metal Back

iPhone 4 will be available in black or white with a metal back. The thick stainless steel edge serves as the antenna. The new model is 34% thinner than the 3 GS and will be the thinnest smartphone available.

iPhone 4

Sharp Text, Images, and Videos

The new “Retina Display” has 940 x 640 pixels, which is four times more than the 3 GS. It has 326 pixels per inch with an 800:0 contrast ratio. It also uses advanced LCD technology called IPS for better color and resolution. This results in very sharp text, images, and videos. There are reportedly both front and back-facing cameras, with video and HD capabilities.

Improved battery life will support longer talk and media times

The Apple A4 processor is the same processor used in the new iPad. Improved battery life will support longer talk and media times. In addition to the accelerometer and compass, which are used in many apps, Apple has added a three axis gyroscope for gaming and potentially for enhanced GPS navigation.


iOS 4 Operating System

The operating system is the iOS 4 and the upgrade is said to be free for iPod touch users. Other significant software additions include the ability for selective multitasking, app folders on the home screen, video conferencing via Wi-Fi, iMovie, iBooks, photo and video geo-tagging, and home screen wallpapers.

Most apps will remain in a suspended state while using other phone fuctions and keeps track of which apps have been used more recently.


With FaceTime, users will be able to actually make video phone calls over Wi-Fi. This sounds really cool, but obviously both parties need iPhone 4s and the accompanying AT&T plans to go with them. That’s where I expect it to get sticky. Cell phone plans are out of control. I recently bought my son a phone for his 13th birthday. All I wanted was for him to be able to make calls and text. Instead, I was told that I HAD to buy a data plan, and those babies are pricey.

Kid Surfing

I don’t want my kid surfing the web on his phone. There’s no need. There’s also no option for opting out or disabling it. In other words, I have to pay, even if I don’t let him use it. I imagine AT&T is salivating over the price they can add to phone usage plans with all this lovely new technology.

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