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K athy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist who has taken her experiences on the job and translated them into a series of bestselling novels and a hit television show.Her twelve titles featuring Temperance Brennan are available in audiobook format in abridged and unabridged versions.

Forensic Anthropologist

Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for North Carolina as well as for the province of Quebec. Her expertise in the field laid the foundation for her novels featuring Temperance Brennan. Forensic Anthropology is the study of human remains to be utilized in the legal system. In other words, this examination of remains is used to find cause and method of death and to assist in legal issues surrounding the victim.

Audio Book Author Kathy Reichs

Audio Book Author Kathy Reichs

The Books

In 1997, Reichs introduced readers to Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who works in North Carolina and Quebec. The first novel, Déjà Dead (read by Amy Irving), introduces Tempe Brennan, her friends, and coworkers.

This edge-your-seat crime thriller finds Tempe examining the remains of a decomposed corpse buried in plastic bags. Determined to connect these remains to similar case, Tempe may be putting herself, and her friends, in danger. Several of the books are available on audio via Audible or iTunes.

The subsequent eleven novels place Tempe in various levels of danger as she assists the FBI with cases requiring her particular expertise. Reichs is one of my favorite authors, and I am looking forward to reading 206 Bones, out this week.

The TV Show

The television show, Bones, based on the Temperance Brennan novels of Kathy Reichs, isn’t a strict adaptation of the series. In the show, Brennan writes novels featuring forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs! Don’t worry; it’s not as confusing as it sounds. Brennan works with a team of interesting characters as she solves murders based on, you guessed it, bones.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz give engaging performances as Brennan and Booth and the supporting cast is fantastic. The first four seasons are available to download from iTunes.

For a different spin on the crime thriller, check out Kathy Reiches… on audiobook or television.

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