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If you are looking for an author who can offer an unflinching perspective on controversial topics, perhaps Jodi Picoult is worth a listen.

Addressing everything from complicated health issues to school shootings, Picoult doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff.

Plain Truth (narrated by Christina Moore and Suzanne Toren)

I discovered Picoult when a friend gave me her 1999 novel, Plain Truth. In an Amish community, a girl conceals her pregnancy and gives birth to her child in secret. When the baby’s body is found, the young girl finds herself caught between the old world ways of her society and the modern wheels of the justice system.

My Sister’s Keeper (read by Julia Gibson, Toom Stechschulte, Barbara McCulloh)

 Currently in theaters, the movie version of My Sister’s Keeper stars Cameron Diaz as the mother of two daughters. One of her children has leukemia and the other was conceived as a bone marrow donor. This is the story of Anna, the healthy sister.

As a teenager, after innumerable surgeries, transfusions, and procedures to save her sister, Anna makes a decision that will affect the futures of everyone in her family.

Audio Book Author Jodi Picoult

Audio Book Author Jodi Picoult

Nineteen Minutes (narrated by Carol Monda)

 Violence in schools is a scary issue, but Picoult addresses it head on. When bullying leads to a horrendous act of violence, the families – of the victims and the perpetrator – must examine their roles in the tragedy.

The Pact (read by George Guidall)

 Chris and Emily have known each other forever. Best friends as children, their romance blossoms when they became teens.

When Emily is declared dead from a gunshot wound to the head, Chris tells police that it was part of a suicide pact and that the second bullet in the gun was meant for him. Explore the intricacies of teenage life, friendships, and secrets in The Pact.

Handle with Care (Full Cast narration)

 Picoult examines the life of a child born with a severe bone disease which will result in a lifetime of pain and hundreds of broken bones. In an attempt to pay for mounting medical expenses, her mother files a lawsuit against her obstetrician for not informing her that her child was going to be born with a crippling disability.

The catch? She has to say in court – in front of her daughter – that she would have terminated the pregnancy had she known about the disability when abortion was a viable option.

Difficult Issues

Are you seeking a new author to listen to this summer? If you are looking for novels that take on complicated issues head on, give one of Jodi Picoult’s 16 novels a try. Jodi Picoult Official Website

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