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I am a suspense/thriller junkie. Sure, I like literary fiction, humor, memoirs, some nonfiction, and the occasional horror novel, but suspense/thrillers are my guilty pleasure.

I can’t get enough! When I discovered Phillip Margolin, it was through the audiobook Wild Justice (narrated by Anna Fields) in 2000. I have been a huge fan ever since.

Margolin worked for several years as criminal defense lawyer, including working on murder cases and death penalty cases. He has been writing full-time since 1996 and has scored several New York Times bestsellers. He also acts as President and Chairman of the Board of Chess for Success, a charity that promotes chess to teach study skills in lower-income schools.

Audiobook Author Phillip Margolin
A few of my favorites… and his latest novel:

Fugitive, narrated by Jonathan Davis, features recurring character Amanda Jaffe, who is a criminal lawyer. Charlie Marsh becomes a hero when he rescues the warden during a prison riot, but in a short period he again becomes a wanted man, suspected of killing a US congressman. Fast paced and fantastic.

Lost Lake is narrated by Kristine Sutherland. Dan Morelli isn’t who he appears to be. Vanessa Kohler is an ex-mental patient and conspiracy theorist. What is the truth? What is paranoid delusion? Sorting it all out is half the fun…

I Won!

I actually won a signed first edition of Sleeping Beauty in hardcover. The audio book is narrated by Margaret Whitton. This is one of my favorites. An author is on tour promoting his true-crime book called Sleeping Beauty. The subject is a serial killer who killed one twin and left the other in a coma. When the author discusses recent case developments, he has no idea just what is going to be revealed.

Executive Privilege

Executive Privilege, narrated by Jonathan Davis, is the story of a murder investigation that leads to the White House. Private investigator Data Cutler follows a woman to a secret meeting with the President of the US. The next day, the woman turns up dead. Along with Brad Miller, a junior associate, Cutler works to find out if the killer is in the White House. This is one of my favorites.

His latest novel

His latest novel, Supreme Justice, is also narrated by Jonathan Davis. Picking up where Executive Privilege left off, Supreme Justice follows Cutler and Miller as they are investigating attacks on Supreme Court Justices. I am already on the list to get it from the library!

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