I am regularly asked about what I recommend for various products, software, tools and other resources and where they can be found online. The following is a list of resources most of which I use regularly. These are resources that I use and recommend based on my personal experience and because they are by reputation to be resources I can trust.

Recommended Resources for Digital Books

Recommended Resources for Digital Book related products and websites which are based on enquiries by our visitors.

This list will be updated to reflect any new or changes to the existing resources.


Free Audio Books
Librivox.org – Books in the public domain
Audio Books by Subscription or Purchase.
Audible.com – Audible is now a subsiduary of amazon.com and you can read about buying audio books online here.
Electronic Books (eBooks)
Amazon.com – Kindle eBooks do not require a Kindle, just an app for each device that you wish to read with.
Electronic Books Free
Amazon.com Kindle eBooks – Read more about Free Kindle eBooks

Note: A lot of the links I have used above are also affiliate links for which I can earn a small commission if you signup for any of the services I recommend. This will not increase any costs for you in any way, but it helps me to pay my websites ongoing costs. Just to reaffirm, I use all of the resources I have listed above.