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E arlier, I mentioned how incredibly innovative Nick Cave was with his iPod app audiobook tie-in with The Death of Bunny Munro.

This week, publisher Simon & Schuster is putting a similar spin to the test with the vook.

What the Heck is a Vook?

That was my question when I ran across the term in the NY Times. The innovative hybrid of book and video is the latest offering from publishing giant Simon & Schuster. No special software or equipment, other than a computer or iPod, is required to experience a vook.

VooksHow does it Work?

The book is in an electronic format to be read on the screen. Interspersed throughout the text are video clips. The clips are designed to enhance the content of the book.

At present, there are 4 vook titles. I chose to download two, one fiction and one non-fiction, for my iPod. The fiction title, Embassy by Richard Doetsch, is a thriller and the 90 Second Fitness Solution, by Pete Cerqua with Alisa Bowman, is a fitness book… I mean Vook.


I decided to try Vooks on my iPod rather than my computer for two reasons. I am more likely to read them on my iPod and they were on sale. The iPod download is in the form of an app.

I read some of each Vook on my iPod. Embassy actually begins with a short video that sets the stage for the Vook. City streets and rushing feet on an early New York City morning highlight a man and a woman handcuffed together.

Okay, that got me interested. The 90 Second Fitness Solution used the Vook format differently. The videos are used to demonstrate the proper workout form and point out the benefits of each exercise.  Other videos highlight proper vitamin supplements and provide recipes.


Links within the interface allow me to follow the authors and publishers on Twitter as well as the author’s website. Apparently, the computer-based Vooks will allow users to connect with friends via easily accessible social media networks.

Bottom Line: Admittedly, the concept is intriguing. I’ll read my Vooks… Will I go back for more? I’m not sure. I will be watching to see what titles are offered as well as what updates and additions come along. For now, I’m going to go find out why those two people are handcuffed.

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