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Apple iPod Touch

I rely on my iPod for everything. Calendar, contacts, notes, eBooks, music, videos, and audiobooks are all on there with some fun apps and games. If you are new to using an iPod, or are wondering how to manage your audiobook media, read on for some tips.

iTunes and Audiobooks

iTunes is a great tool for managing audiobooks. It supports Audible audiobook formats as well as AAC format (this is the format of audiobooks downloaded from iTunes). Both formats have restrictions related to digital rights management (DRM). iTunes purchases may be played on up to 5 authorized computers and Audible content may be played on 3.


Purchases from iTunes can be made either online or directly from an iPod with web access. If content is purchased from Audible, it must first be downloaded to your computer, imported into iTunes, and then uploaded onto your device. These extra steps are very simple and audible automates the process for the most part, it is well worth it for those who purchase many books, as Audible’s subscription plans offer users significant savings.

Importing CDs or Podcast Audiobooks

If you have any audiobooks on CDs, it is relatively easy to import them into iTunes, but management is not as simple. The import process will automatically put the tracks into the Music folder, but it is easy to reassign them to Audiobooks. The same holds true for books that have been downloaded as podcasts. The episodes or chapters will automatically be assigned to the Podcast folder. The will need to be changed so that iTunes recognizes them as an audiobook.

Simply select the files that you wish to change. In this case, I am selecting the book Transition by Iain M. Banks. This is currently a podcast.

1 Audio Books on iPod or iPhone How to Manage Your Media
Next, right click on the main entry and a menu pops up. Select Get Info. You will be asked if I want to edit information for multiple items. Click Yes. On the next screen, choose Options. Click the pull down menu for Media Kind and select Audiobook.

2 Audio Books on iPod or iPhone How to Manage Your Media
Click OK.

That’s it. Your podcast or CD will now be processed into the Audiobook section of your iTunes account. It will appear with your other audiobooks in iTunes.

The biggest issue with importing CDs is the fact that each one will be imported as a single audio file and will lack chapter markers. A third party application may be necessary to merge the files and convert them to an easier-to-use format.

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