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If you have children, you know how much energy they have. It often seems to be unlimited and peaks at the worst possible times.

If you add the highs and lows of sugar into a child’s diet, then you can have your child running around like they are on speed! Summer usually brings sunny days and the opportunity to get into the garden or to the beach or even the local park.

Children are very good at amusing themselves and have imaginative games in the garden. However, no summer is complete without the odd rainy day and winter is full of them.
These are the hardest days to keep the children amused. This might not be an issue if you live in a mansion and can let the children run around the rooms. It is more likely that your house will suddenly feel very small! This is not the time to panic, with a little thought there are many ways in which children can be kept entertained at home.

Keeping children entertained on rainy or on any other days

Audio Books Get them listening!

Reading is an underrated pass time. Whatever level of reading ability children need to practice. This not only improves their reading but also broadens their word knowledge and their horizons. As long as they are reading something fun and at the right level for their ability they will be drawn in and immerse themselves in the story. Audio books for children are normally read by the author or a professional narrator. Children experience how the written word is presented verbally in the form of storytelling with subject material from the classics to modern popular.

This is not the time to panic, with a little thought there are many ways in which children can be kept entertained at home.

These digital books may be downloaded and played on most modern Smartphones, tablets or computers. They may use headphones in a variety of scenarios so that they are being entertained but not intrusive on others. Think about that one parent!

Other Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained

Board Games

Board games have been around for a long time. You will probably have a childhood memory of playing a particular game. Despite modern technology, children can enjoy the physical interaction of a board game, and it can be an excellent opportunity for family bonding. Providing you have the time to sit with them you can easily pass an afternoon with a game or two. You may even be surprised how much they enjoy it!

Computer Games

Games consoles can be seen as a negative way to spend time. However, there are many educational and interactive fun games available which can be played with the whole family. Tennis, football, basketball or a host of strategy games can involve the whole family and be both fun and a learning experience. While you probably do not want your children spending too long on a computer they do need to be able to use one. This can be an excellent way to ensure they are comfortable with modern technology.

Challenge Them

Older children can be set a task. You will need to ensure you have a computer available for each of them to use. The idea is simply to ask them to find out certain information with the aid of the computer. The first one to find the information and report back to you gets a small prize. To increase the length of time taken by this exercise then, you could provide them with a list of ten or twenty questions that need answering. This will allow you time to do the household chores or have a little time to yourself!


Cooking can be fun! It is a very useful skill that all children should learn. It is also an excellent opportunity to educate children regarding nutrition and healthy diets. It doesn’t matter whether you get the children to help you bake a cake or make the evening meal. It will educate them and help pass the time. Of course, several cooks at the same time can result in a messy kitchen!

Fine Art

Painting and drawing are always an enjoyable way to while away an afternoon. There are many colouring books that can be kept at home to allow younger children to colour in. Older children may prefer blank paper and some paint or drawing pencils and the space to allow their imaginations to run wild. Of course, not all children like to paint or draw but there is a variety of creative alternatives. Modelling out of play dough or salt dough can be fun or creating puppets from socks or other old materials.


Gardening can be done inside the house! Depending upon the time of year, there is a variety of plants that need to be placed into small pots and grown until big enough to go in the garden. Your children may find it interesting to help plant the seeds and look after them daily; waiting for the plant to grow.

A Treasure Hunt

You could organise an inside treasure hunt. The children will need to know what the treasure is, and you may need runner up prizes to ensure no tears at the end of the game. Clues can be placed around the house to assist children of different ages and abilities with finding the treasure. Just be prepared for a lot of noises and running around.

Playing Dress Up

Dressing up is another option. A box of old clothes or fancy dress costumes will allow children to rummage and try out different ensembles. You could create a theme to make it more challenging or award a prize for the best-dressed child. Dressing up with them will be sure to get them giggling.

Play Centres

Indoor play centres are now in the majority of towns. If you are in need of a break and maybe a chat with a fellow parent then one of these centres can be just the right answer. Children will be able to burn off steam and run around the slides and climbing apparatus while you sit and relax with a coffee.

Making the Most of the Weather

A rainy day does not mean you cannot go outside! Raincoats and wellies with appropriate warm clothing will allow you and your children to be ready for jumping into puddles. It is sure to be a good spot near you where you can all enjoy a little splashing around. Hot drinks and a towel may be needed when you return home!
Rainy days can be an excellent opportunity for bonding with children. Less space means you will need to play together to ensure everyone is happy.

Children can be very imaginative, and it can often just be a case of following their lead! The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

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