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If you are an audiobook fan, you know the usual reasons for listening. You pass the time on your commute, improve your mind as you exercise to improve your health.

Amuse yourself as you complete mindless chores, or distract yourself from daily stresses. The big attraction for many is the ability to listen to a book in situations where you usually can’t read a paper book. The list for that is inexhaustive, even though you can listen in a large variety of static situations like on a couch or even in bed.

Listening on the Move

These are situations where other forms of reading, even ebooks on an electronic book reader are the norm! For many audio books is all about being able to listen while on the move, mainly, but not necessarily, while on the go and using headphones.

Do Not Disturb

Obviously, while you’re wearing headphones, it’s clear to others you are engaged in a listening activity of some kind, it might not be clear what kind, however. Well, I have found another reason to listen to talking books. I’m the type of person who is for some reason often accosted by others for my opinion.

Whether I am in a grocery store, department store, book store, or library, people seem to want to chat about my purchases or selections. I usually don’t mind offering my viewpoint or making suggestions, but sometimes I just want to get my errands done! This is where my audio book comes in.

Audio Book Privacy

Listen To My IPod While Shopping

I used to wear my iPod to listen to music while I ran around town. When people saw me tapping my fingers or bobbing my head, it didn’t seem to deter them from interrupting me.

“I kept my iPod playing the audio book while I shopped”.

One day I was listening to The Shack By William P. Young while dusting when I realized I needed to run to the store before the kids came home from school. I didn’t want to stop listening, so I kept my iPod playing the audio book while I shopped.

Apple iPod Touch Screen
People looked at me, smiled politely and walked away. That’s when the realization hit. Apparently when I listen to a book, something in my face and body language says, “I’m concentrating, do not disturb!”


This revelation has proved very useful in a variety of situations. At the risk of sounding antisocial, sometimes I feel… antisocial. Working in the yard leaves me open to neighborly interruption. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to prolong digging up weeds. I plug in my audio book, assume a thoughtful expression, and answer my neighbors’ greetings with a distracted wave. I got my flowers planted in an hour

Kept on Listening.

Yesterday I was perusing the shelves in a Sam’s Club warehouse store when the unthinkable happened. My iPod battery died. I did what everyone does in this position. I shook it, peered at the screen, shook it again and sighed heavily. In what I considered being a clever defensive maneuver, I left my earbuds in place and attempted to appear absorbed in my faux book as I shopped.
Apple Ipod listening
Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Somehow my expression indicated “Open for Business” and the woman next to me immediately asked my opinion of the nearest item. My response? A smile. She was holding the audio CDs of The Shack. The portability of audio files for music and now narrated books opens up a new world of enjoyment.

My Better Mood

Listening to music has a similar effect, something I also like to do, and I have alway’s been aware of my spirits being lifted as I listen, something anyone who listens to music would also be aware off. But I didn’t expect a similar effect from listening to books.

I guess it comes from being a book lover really, just being able to combine a pleasurable activity with an activity that’s not all that enjoyable, well, all of a sudden is much more tolerable. How about the psychology of it all, it is accepted that a positive attitude rubs off on others and vice visa.

My Postive Body Lanquage

Clearly this is true judging by the reactions of others as I strut around listening and smiling as I go, I’m sure that most people assume I am listening to music, how would anyone know?

Listening to books does to some degree, at least, increase my privacy, albeit in a minor way. Anytime one wears a headset, most, but not all people tend not to bother you, socially, it may even be rude perhaps?.

All about Increased Productivity with a Smile!

But of course, it’s not the main reason I like to listen to my books, the privacy aspect of it is a minor one, it’s all about enjoyment and efficiency as well, getting some tasks done is much less unattractive now.

Plus I feel excellent as I have achieved being productive yet enjoyed myself. I still love my music, paper books and ebook’s, it’s about the right format for the right situation.

That’s a pretty good combination!


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