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Recorded books can be played on many different types of audio devices ranging from cassette and CD players to iPods.

When you download digital books to any media player, all of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, digital media players like MP3 players and iPods are growingin popularity because of their ability to contain large amounts of information and sound bytes on extremely small chips.

While many people still do not yet own iPods, almost everyone who is interested in listening to music or audiobooks has an MP3 player.

The excellent quality of sound and added effects make such learning extremely fun-filled. Since the ears play an important role in this type of learning and not the eyesight, an audiobook player serves as an important tutor for the visually impaired. Some of the advantages of downloading books to MP3 players:

Audio Book Players MP3


For those who like to learn about new things in life, but the easy way, audiobook mp3 players are for you. For example by researching a topic utilizing a talking book, you listen to the selected topic and its narration which is fed into an audio device.

That might be a cassette, an mp3 player, or directly from your computer. Large Capacity: MP3 players are the most compact audio players available in the market till date.

Audio Books on iPodYou can easily download a dozen or more books on an MP3 player with extendible memory. The best part is that your player would generally be one third the size of a fountain pen. MP3s are emerging as a popular digital format for recorded books.

Be aware that not all audio players have a built in book marking facility, nor do all digital book merchants supply audio books with this feature. Currently audible is the only company offering this feature for iPods.


When you download MP3 books to your hard disk from the internet, you are spared the time and the hassle of visiting book stores or waiting for your rented book to arrive. You just need to select a book, purchase it and downloading it will take just a couple of minutes, and viola, your book is ready for listening too.


Your downloadable book is always in store. You can buy it as and when you want. This downloadable audiobook is never out of stock and the stores are never closed.


Most recorded book libraries on line have started offering audio books as downloads. These books are available for extremely cheap subscriptions, while some come gratis with monthly memberships. Even if you buy books without any special offer, these books are cheaper than paperbacks as well as talking books for iPods or those on CDs.


You can listen to your book while jogging, working out, driving to work or flying across continents. What’s more, you can carry a mini library without increasing any physical bulk.

Choose your format:

Books on tape are the oldest formats, but they are now difficult to find and are very expensive. Moreover with theMP3 Audio Books increasing popularity of CDs and MP3s that are relatively much cheaper and offer more storage capacity,

Tapes if you happen to find them at all may disappoint you if you find them in the abridged format only. Books on CDs on the other hand are much more in demand and are cheap and widely available. They are also often available in an unabridged format.

Note: It is however important that you handle these CDs carefully and store them properly as there is a danger of breakage or scratching when not treated carefully in situations where portable audio players are commonly used.

Online audio books:

One of the redeeming features of digital books is there flexibility in allowing you to listen to your favorite book anywhere when used in portable book player. Just connect to your digital book merchant online, browse and choose a suitable title, download it into your computer and then your player.

Your player might be an MP3 or a CD player, just load it and you are then all set to listen to your new title while travelling to work, back home, or practically any other time.


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