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It’s time for a nook update. I still haven’t laid hands on one, but I did contact Barnes & Noble with a few more questions for clarification after reading various articles comparing it to the Kindle. Read on… especially for the audiobook capabilities.


eBook prices have been said to be higher at than at Amazon for books not on the bestseller list. B&N responds that publishers set the prices and that they do not have a lot of flexibility in pricing. They are working with publishers to bring the best value to customers.

File Format

The nook will support any mp3 audio file. If you own audiobooks in other formats, they will have to be converted to work with nook. Audiobooks from sites such as are in .aa format. These files are not easily converted, but they can be burned to a CD and then ripped to mp3. The process may be a bit time consuming, but will allow the audiobooks to be played on the nook or Kindle.


Nook eBook readerOne question I had was about the lending feature. Rumors were circulating that you could only lend a book once and then the feature was disabled.

The real scoop is this: You may lend a specific title once per person. When you receive the title back from the person you lent it to, you may lend the eBook to someone else. The limitation is that each person can only borrow each title one time.

No Landscape

The nook does not have an internet browser or games, but these options may be considered depending upon user feedback. Similarly, nook does not support a landscape mode. They may consider adding it in later updates if users request it.

I am still reading reviews and comparisons of the Kindle and nook. I look forward to seeing the nook in stores. I have played with my brother-in-law’s Kindle and like it, so I would love to see how the nook compares.

At this point, Kindles are still in stock, but nooks will not be available until after Christmas.

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