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The Apple iPad launch is looming and when it arrives 30,000 free eBooks will be available for download through the iBookstore.

On April 3, new iPad owners will also be able to download Amazon’s Kindle app for their device.

How cool is it that there is an annual contest for the year’s most bizarre book title?

This weekend, The Bookseller magazine awarded the honor to Crocheting Adventures With Hyperbolic Planes by Dr. Daina Taimina.

The second place title was What Kind of Bean is This Chihuahua? by Tara Jansen-Meyer, while Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich by James A Yannes came in third.

Apple's Steve Jobs - iPad

Apple's Steve Jobs - iPad

eReader device to the ever-growing list. Borders will be selling a $149 USD eBook reader from Kobo of Toronto. Kobo also has eReader applications for the iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices.

It is banking on this brand recognition to work in its favor with the new device. The Kobo device will be able to use either a USB computer connection or Bluetooth to certain smartphones for content purchases.

While major publishing houses are scrambling to prepare eBook content for the iPad, smaller publishers are also getting into the act. Smashwords is self-publishing eBook service that has signed with Apple to put its books into the iBookstore. This is a fantastic opportunity for self published authors to sell their work for little cost to iPad owners.

I know I have mentioned that I enjoy using Twitter. For those of you who struggle with finding out who to follow, I thought I would give you a few audiobook focused Twitter accounts. Note that all Twitter names begin with the @ sign.

@audioforbooks is our very own Twitter account. Watch for announcements about new site content.
@Audible is the Twitter account for Frequent updates about new content and interesting features are offered.
@SimonAudio is the official account of Simon & Schuster Audio with info, and giveaways.
@BBCAA is BBC Audiobooks America’s Twitter name. Follow them for interesting info on their latest releases.
@vooktv features tweets from the book/video combination innovation.
@booksinaudio is a community for audiobook fans. Tweets offer free downloads and discussion.
@AudioFileMag is  AudioFile Magazine, dedicated to everything having to do with audiobooks.
@MacmillanAudio is the official Macmillan Audio Twitter with giveaways and news.
@new_audiobook tweets new audiobooks on the day of their release
@audiobookexpert offers book reviews of audiobooks.

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