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Some titles have held their place on the list, and some new audiobooks have been added. Let’s take a look at the top selling books for this week. Yes, Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol (read by Paul Michael) is still at number one. Did you really think it wouldn’t be? The hype is hanging on, despite a less than stellar review in this Sunday’s New York Times. No, I haven’t read it yet…

New on the list is Jonathan Kellerman’s Evidence (read by John Rubinstein). Evidence is the latest in Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series. I love the characters in this series. Delaware is a psychologist who consults with the LAPD to solve some of their more grisly murders. Teamed with friend, Detective Milo Sturgis, Delaware must try to help solve a double homicide. I’m already on the list for it…

Jonathan Kellerman’s EvidenceRough Country by John Sandford (read by Eric Conger) continues to have a presence on the bestseller list. I finished the book this week and really enjoyed it. There are plenty of twists and turns, and Virgil Flowers is just plain likable.

Another new title on the bestseller list is Half Broke Horses: A True Life Novel by Jeannette Walls (narrated by the author). I thoroughly enjoyed The Glass Castle and intend to read this fictionalized account of Walls’ grandmother’s life. My copy is in transit as we speak.

Diana Gabladon’s An Echo in the Bone: A Novel and Outlander (read by Davina Porter) are both seated comfortably in the top twenty. As An Echo in the Bone is the latest in the Outlander series, it is not unusual to see a jump in the first title. The Outlander series blends historical romance and time traveling in way that has fans clamoring for the latest installments.

While Michael Connelly’s latest was only released this week and is not on our list, his novel The Poet (read by Buck Schirner) is. Interestingly, this is not a Harry Bosch novel. This suspenseful book features crime reporter Jack McEvoy as he investigates the alleged suicide of his twin brother, a detective. Connelly is skilled at building suspense, so be ready to lose some sleep to those pages.

Shall I once again tell you how much I loved Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger (read by Bianca Amato)? There is something for everyone here… romance, drama, mystery, paranormal, and tangled relationships. Why aren’t you reading it yet?

Terry Pratchett makes an appearance on the list this week with Unseen Academicals: Discworld #37. I must admit that I have not experienced Discworld. I generally pick up the first few at the library, ponder them, and put them back. I’m not sure why…

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