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I adore Lynda La Plante. I have read her books, visited her web site, and stalked her on Twitter.

She has done tons of television projects in the UK, and a few in the US (Lynda, dear, you are neglecting us of late). Her novels are edgy and exciting.  Consider listening to one of her audio books, won’t you?

La Plante is well known for writing scripts for the highly acclaimed Prime Suspect series that starred Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison. Her production company has nine series of Trial & Retribution as well as several other series on ITV. But we’re here to talk books, right?

Audio Book Author Lynda La Plante

Lynda La Plante

Unfortunately, not many of Lynda La Plante’s novels are available on audio, at least in the US. I have no idea why that is…

Cold Shoulder, the first in the Lorraine Page series, featured the ex-LAPD cop recruited to hunt down a serial killer. Lorraine’s perfect life has taken a nose-dive after a series of events leave her drunk and broken. The twists in the book are wonderful. Trust me. Read it.

Cold Blood, the next novel to feature Lorraine Page, finds her recovering from alcoholism and trying to put her life back in order. In her own private detective agency, she lands a huge case – to find the missing daughter of a fading starlet. Can Page fight the stresses without hitting the bottle? I’m not telling. You really need to read this one as well.

Cold Heart, the only book in the series that I could find on audio, is narrated by Lorelei King. Private investigator Page delves into the murder of a movie producer, only to tangle with her ex-colleagues at the LAPD. An interesting peek into Hollywood sleaze, but not my favorite.

I loved Above Suspicion. Anna Travis is a detective investigating her first murder case. The victims are all prostitutes, except the last. When Anna finds a well-known man’s links to all of the victims, will she risk shining the light on him… even if he isn’t the killer? This one is tough to stop reading…

Don’t miss The Red Dahlia. When a corpse if found that mirrors the famous Black Dahlia killings of the 1940s, Anna Travis is again on the case. The brutality of the murder is shocking, but the twists in this story are so worth a little gore.

I’m looking forward to more from Lynda. In the meantime, stalk her with me on Twitter (@LyndaLaPlante). Just beware. She can be explicit. All in the name of grabbing your attention…

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