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Sometimes, when a lawyer tries their hand at writing, the result is less than stellar. Thankfully, Lisa Scottoline is not one of those lawyers. Her novels are fast, funny, compelling, and incredible. Looking for a great legal thriller? Try a Lisa Scottoline audiobook. Here are some of my favorites…

Audio Book Author Lisa Scottoline

Author Lisa Scottoline

Many of Scottoline’s books feature the women of the Rosato & Associates law firm.

First introduced in Everywhere That Mary Went, the female lawyers won over fans in a big way. 13 of Scottoline’s novels surround the all-female law firm that is led by headstrong Benny Rosato. The newest, Think Twice is due to be released next week. I have enjoyed most of these novels, some more than others, which is the case with pretty much any author.

Scottoline recently released a compilation of essays titled, Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman. Originally written for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the columns tell stories about everything from interrupting as an art form to real estate ads as porn. Her wit and humor is on full display in the series of relatable stories.

Standalone titles, such as Dirty Blonde, are mystery/thrillers- some with a legal spin. Dirty Blonde involves the double life of a young candidate for federal judgeship. When a murder-suicide exposes her secrets and puts her in danger, she runs for her life… and tries to find the truth.

Daddy’s Girl features teacher Natalie Greco, who allows herself to be talked into teaching a class at the local prison. When a prison riot erupts, Nat is witness to a dying prison guard’s last words, “Tell my wife it’s under the floor.” She must solve the riddle of those words as she finds herself suspected of murder and on the run.

Another standalone, Look Again, is the story of a woman who discovers that her adopted child may actually be a child who was kidnapped. This is a very fast read, not one of my favorites, but still a very good story.

Final Appeal, the story of a lawyer who is starting over after her divorce, is another well written thriller. Grace Rossi becomes embroiled in a death penalty case, a murder investigation, and a torrid affair.

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