People Love this Device, Here’s Why

For browsing the web, photos, and videos, watching movies, checking emails, social networking on Twitter and Facebook, reading most anything, then device is hard to beat! Kids love it, keeps them busy in the car, restaurants etc.

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How is the Display?

The screen resolution of 1024×768 which when compared to the new brand of smart phones now days is below par. However the reality is that the image quality is excellent. Color definition and contrast are very good.

Apple iPad Tablet Dual


If you’re in direct sunlight then reflections are very evident, but very few displays fair really well under these conditions.

How is the General Quality of this Unit?

This is a quality unit with an excellent finish.

How Is the Sound?

The sound quality is fair when using the speakers, good with ear buds or headphones.
It has one 3.5mm external connector as well as an Apple Connector like the iPhone.

Does it need to be Recharged A lot?

Is it Heavy or Tiresome to Lug Around?

As for the specs, the iPad has a 9.7inch LCD touchscreen display. It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and has a speaker and microphone. The 10 hour battery is capable of a month of standby time. All of this is packed into a unit that is one-half inch thick and 1.5 pounds.

The 3G weighs in at 1.5lbs to 1.6lbs so it is not something you would want to hang on too for long periods of time.

Apple iPad Tablet Face On

IBooks and EBooks Audiobooks?

The iPad has an app called iBooks that has animated page turns and can integrate audio and video into content. The iBook Store will stock books and textbooks. Most eBook readers use e-ink technology with no backlight. This is easier on the eyes than a traditionally lit screen. Think about how your eyes feel tired at the end of the day after reading on a computer. I’m thinking a Kindle would better serve the user looking for an eBook reader.

Apple’s book reader is great but it still remains to be seen if it becomes a true competitor for books with

The Kindle for iPad App is great, with this you can buy all your EBooks from Amazon if you so desire. Any why not with such a large library of books available at a reasonable price.What it is Not

It is not a replacement for a laptop or for anyone who wants input large amounts of data.

Anything Bad about this Device?

The operating system falls somewhere between the Mac OS X and iPhone OS. Internet access is a given, as well as applications for iTunes, calendar, photos, contacts… basically everything you can do on an iPhone or iPod touch


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