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My husband and I bought an iPad last week. Exciting, right? There were no 32GB models in the store, and after a brief discussion, we decided to go ahead and jump in with the 64GB Wi-Fi model.

We chose not to go 3G, because – unlike the Kindle – a data plan with monthly fee is required. I just don’t see myself needing to use the online capabilities when I am without Wi-Fi… Time will tell. Anyway, I thought I would offer my first reaction to what I have tried so far…

Up and Running

Setup was simple. It was all pretty much menu-driven on iTunes once I plugged it in. iBooks was, of course, the first app I downloaded. I couldn’t wait to see the slick iBookstore and all the exciting features. Out of curiosity, and because I had some books already purchased from them, I also downloaded the free Kindle and B&N apps.

Apple iPad and iBook Applications

Time to Download

All three apps are very similar. The iBooks has nifty animation for the page turn which is flashy and fun to see, but ultimately unnecessary. Of course, I had to download a book… which is where I ran into some difficulty.

My first choice was Mr Peanut by Adam Ross. I had mentioned it before in this column and was looking forward to it. I searched… and it wasn’t in the iBookstore. I decided to try for another title I had looked forward to:  The Irresistible Henry House by Lisa Grunwald. Guess what? That wasn’t there either

Still looking

Thinking that perhaps they simply weren’t out in digital format, I looked in the Kindle store and B&N eBook store. Both books were offered in both stores. Now, these books are new, but not BRAND NEW. What gives, iBooks? I’m going to keep my eyes open in hopes that they turn up in the next batch of listed books, but I’m a little put off at the moment.

I HAD to get something from the iBookstore so I could check out the app, so I grabbed Stephen King’s recommendation: Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd. I was glad it was there…  I paged through briefly and the app is quite lovely.

App Demo Coming!

I plan to offer an article or two with photos demonstrating the 3 apps so that you can see where they are alike and where they differ – although mainly my focus will be the iBooks app since the other two works on the iPad but are likely best used with the devices from their stores.

Keeping my Audio Books

I can’t see myself abandoning books and audiobooks for eBooks as I have heard many proclaim that they will do. I am not going to part with the shelves of books in the basement. I’m going to try the iPad – give it a fair test… buy my next few books from the iBookstore IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE… and see how it goes.

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