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As I have said before, I never throw books of any kind away, I would rather donate or share them. A couple of years ago I registered at and promptly forgot about it. Recently, I revisited the site with audiobooks in mind.

Books Gone Wild
Bookcrossing was developed in 2001 by Ron Hornbaker. Inspired by the popularity of, where users can track currency by serial number, he created a site for tracking books. The site encourages people to “release” books and track who “catches” them.

BookcrossingAfter creating an account, choose a book that you wish to share. Any type of book is allowed – hardcover books, paperback, or audio.

Magazines, DVDs, or music are not to be entered. Click on ‘register book’ (under the My Shelf tab). Follow the easy instructions to generate a Bookcrossing ID (BCID). Write the ID in ink inside the front cover of the book. Either write or add a label with Bookcrossing information. Leave the book somewhere… anywhere…

Where in the World?
When someone finds your book, hopefully they will visit the site to make a journal entry so that you can track where your book has traveled. By visiting your Bookshelf, you can see who has “caught” your book and where it has traveled.

At this point, only about 25% of books released with BCIDs are caught and recorded on the site. This may be due to the time it takes to read, people without internet access, or inadequately labeled books. Whether recorded or not, hopefully someone has found them, read them, and maybe even shared them. How can that be a bad thing?

The site forum has tons of information ranging from book discussion to tips for newbie’s to areas for games and educators. It’s a great place to connect with others.

Free and Easy

While the free, easy-to-use site appeals to those who enjoy geocaching and similar treasure hunts, it offers more than just a game… it’s a way to share a good book with anyone who wants it. Think of it as a random act of kindness… one that any book lover will surely appreciate.

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