Kindle Fire Tablet

The Amazon Kindle Fire has emerged as more than just an upgrade version of Amazon’s classic Keyboard model; rather, it has become an independent, genius creation in its own right.


The Amazon device surpasses its earlier E-book cousins with its music, TV, and movie capacities—placing the Fire as a rival to the Apple IPad. There are a number of reasons why you should buy the latest Amazon device:

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  • Gorilla Glass Display
  • Storage capacity
  • Amazon Cloud App
  • E-book reader
  • Music, television, and movie-watching capacity
  • Design

Book Storage

First, the Kindle Fire is the newest Kindle version on the market. The Kindle Fire holds up to 8GB of memory and contains up to 6,000 books, while the older Kindle models only hold 4GB of memory (3,500 books). For Kindle lovers, this means that you will get twice the amount of space and a lot more book shelf for your extra bucks. If you are an avid reader, someone who holds an insatiable desire for reading, you will not be disappointed.

Kindle Fire Content

Technological Upgrade

Next, it is an upgrade from its cousins in design. The Keyboard model has graphite, plastic display, while the new Fire model has a Gorilla Glass display. Gorilla glass is made of both alkaline and aluminum, metals that prevent the display from breaking, scratching, or damaging easily.

The Fire model is so scratch-resistant that you can pack it near your keys in a bag or briefcase while heading off on vacation—and never worry about whether or not your keys will harm it.

Kindle Fire `Durable

Out with the Old, In with the New: Technological Abandonments

The Kindle Fire lacks the buttons of the Kindle Keyboard models. The Kindle Keyboard models (both 3G and Wi-Fi) came with a button panel that would be used to find page numbers as well as type and save notes to sections of books while reading. The new Kindle Fire does not contain a button panel that allows you to engage quotes, sections, or pages of a book. The Kindle Keyboard models also contained a slider function that would unlock the Kindle; the new Kindle Fire has a button you press to unlock the Kindle.


The other functions of the Fire tablet are done via touchscreen. While touchscreen still allows you to navigate to functions such as increasing the volume of Lady Gaga’s new hit single, it frustrates the convenience and ease with which the Kindle Fire could be used. Consumers want everything “at their fingertips.” It is somewhat ironic that the Kindle Fire Cloud Storage aims for ease in accessibility, while the absence of buttons does not.

Head in the Clouds: Amazon’s “Daydreaming” Technology

What would the new model be without Amazon Cloud Storage? The Cloud storage is one of the greatest charms of the Fire model, comparable (though superior) to memory on a desktop or laptop computer. The Cloud storage provides up to 5GB of free storage file space on the latest Amazon device, with increases in storage costing only $1/gigabyte/year.

In addition, Cloud storage allows you to access these same files on other devices. Amazon users have an account that stores their material from the E-book devices. No matter where you roam, you can always access your material from the Amazon website once you log into your account.

The Fire or the IPad: Which is most likely to Succeed?

The Cloud storage capacity places the Fire tablet on par with the IPad, which explains why numerous consumer reviews compare it to the IPad. This is not to mention the fact that the Fire tablet has an operating system comparable to Google Android.

Kindle Fire Cloud

Older and Wiser: Amazon’s Ancestral Models

The E-book reader is the most basic function that defines the Amazon models. While the Fire does have a light that makes reading at night comfortable, it’s reading experience differs from that of the older Keyboard models.

Since it comes with an LCD screen, it can be difficult to read while in the sun or in the presence of light (should the light reflect on the LCD screen). In contrast, the Keyboard models have no LCD screen and are anti-glare, making the reading experience a delight and joy.

Kindle Fire Screens

More than Meets the Eye: Bonus Points for the Fire Model

Music, television, and movie-watching capabilities are what made the IPad rival such a “hot” commodity (pun intended!) when Amazon first released it. Streaming the music can be something of a problem, but the video capacity makes up for the trouble.

The High Definition (HD) enhances the movies and televisions shows, giving you a clear screen by which to view videos and movies. You can see all there is to see up-close and be as close as you want to be to the film action.

Out of the Dark Ages: Fire’s Color Capability

The color element of the Fire is also another plus for the new device. The older Keyboard models appear in only a black-and-white format with no color (not even with Internet use). The Fire is the only one of its kind in the color department: no other Amazon E-book device in existence allows you to read and watch movies in color format.

The color “splash” the Kindle Fire provides makes Amazon E-book lovers feel as though they have progressed from a more 1920s and 1930s way of life to what the twenty-first century should be. I wish Amazon had placed the color capacity into its E-book readers long before the new tablet.

Kindle Fire `Color

The Kindle Fire is a combination of two technological heavyweight devices on the market today: Amazon’s E-book readers and the IPad. Amazon is to be applauded for their recognition of Apple’s winning “I” technology and their top rank in the world amongst technological gurus.

It is in the spirit of healthy competition that Amazon has produced a Kindle Fire device. While the competition with Apple may or may not be desired (or may even be nonexistent), it still results in great gains for technology fans the world over.

My Former Kindle Electronic Book Reader

As the owner of a Kindle e-reader, I am somewhat surprised when people who see me using it in a public place ask me what it is. I’ve become so used to its convenience and portability that I start to assume everyone uses a Kindle.

But almost every time I’m reading in an airport, a restaurant, or a beauty shop someone questions me about my electronic book. People are always curious about how I like it, how much the books cost, and what its capabilities are.

Kindles Face White & Graphite E-Book ReaderWhy Own an Electronic Book Reader?

It lets me take all my books with me wherever I go. My Kindle can hold 3500 books, yet only weighs about 8.5 oz. It is thinner than the average magazine and the perfect size for holding and reading as long as I want. I love it for traveling because I can pack enough reading material for a two-week trip in my bag.

What is the Screen Like?

Its e-ink screen is easy on my eyes. I work on a computer for hours each day and often suffer from the eyestrain that goes along with reading a backlit or LCD screen. But the Kindle uses e-ink technology to display ink particles electronically that produces clear, crisp, sharp text that looks just like ink on paper and not a computer screen! I can choose from eight different font sizes so it feels restful to my eyes after a long day on the computer. I can even read it in bright sunlight with no fade-out or glare.


Another nice feature you are bound to make good use of is the adjustable font sizes, there are eight different font sizes to choose from which can be adjusted easily with just one button allowing you or anyone else using the device to choose a custom font size to suit you!
There are a few different font styles and the ability to zoom images to further enhance your reading preferences….nice!

More Reading Preferences!

A controller allows you to navigate the screen in various ways, such as selecting the text to look up words or highlighting words mean you do not need to touch the screen. Of course, as expected, you are able to choose your display orientation preference for portrait or landscape if you’re viewing graphics or tables.

Kindle E-BooksIs it hard to manage the Books?

I can download a new book in about a minute. The Kindle uses its own cellular 3G network called Whispernet.* this means that I can browse Amazon’s store from any place I happen to be and make a purchase. I don’t have to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot or connected to the Internet at all to get a new book.

If I happen to be in a place where cell phone service is not available, I can still download new content by connecting the reader to my PC. All my purchases are backed up by my Amazon account so I can delete books from my Kindle if I wish, and then go back and add them to the device again at a later date.

How expensive are the Books?

Books are reasonably priced. Most new releases and bestsellers cost $9.99. Older books are often less than that and Kindle has a large catalog (nearly 2 million) of free books available.

Many of these are classic works written before 1923 that are no longer under copyright, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Treasure Island. However, some publishers also offer new books at no cost for a limited time when they are promoting a new author or series.

You can also download and read the beginning of books for free, if you like it just buy and download the complete title.

Newspaper Reading

Newspapers can be auto-delivered wirelessly even before they hit the streets!

Kindle Slim and lightweight E-Book ReaderHow Long Does the Battery Last?

The battery lasts a long time. I can read for two or three weeks or even more on one battery charge if I don’t have the wireless service turned on. When my Kindle needs charging, I can use the handy cord to plug it into the wall, or take off the end of the plug and attach it to my PC’s USB port. Either way, it takes about four hours to get a full charge, and I’m good to go again. It’s amazing how long it lasts between charges!

So the Kindle Can Read To You as Well?

The text to speech feature is cool. Many books in the Kindle format have a text to speech feature enabled by their publisher. This means that I can stop in the middle of a good mystery to drive to the grocery store and have the Kindle keep reading to me while I’m on the way. The device has a small built-in speaker as well as a standard earphone jack to make listening easy.

You can switch back and forth between reading and be listening anytime and the system will remember exactly where you are up to! You can use a male or female voice, speed up or slow down the speed of the narration to suit your own preference. While the text is being read to you, the pages turn automatically!

Voice Guide

Amazingly, it will even read out the menu and content options out aloud if you wish! This is an optional feature and can be turned on and off.

Can I Play My Audio Books?

It plays audio books. I love that I can play my audio books from audible; these are special file formats AA, AAX. Kindle plays those as well as MP3 too (Music)
I love to listen to audio books while traveling long distances, and the Kindle allows me to keep my reading and listening material all in one place.

What is the Dictionary For?

It has a built-in dictionary. I can look up the meaning and pronunciation of any new word I come across in seconds. It uses The New Oxford American Dictionary with over 250,000 entries and definitions

Is it Easy to Organize the Books?

Kindle keeps my place in multiple books simultaneously. I no longer need to fuss with bookmarks or try to remember where I was in a book.

Some very Likable Features!

Search the contents of a book or your entire library for a word or phrase, all references will be displayed….

Add annotations to text by using the QWERTY keyboard highlight and clip your favorite text passages and or export to you notes…

Automatic bookmarking! Kindles always returns you to exactly where you left off reading the last time.

Share your favorite text passages with anyone you like, post them to Twitter or Facebook direct from the page you are reading without the need to leave it.

Popular Highlights are a display of passages in your book that other users have highlighted along with the number of people who highlighted it.

What is the Best Thing about the Device in Your Opinion?

It is so versatile. I can download books of course, from a selection of more than 600,000 titles. But I can also get access to blogs of all kinds and subscribe to magazines, which are delivered promptly via the 3G network before they are even available at my newsstand. I can also read national and international newspapers.

I often download PDF files from my computer, so I can take reading material for my work with me when necessary. I can even post Facebook or Twitter comments about what I’m reading directly from my Kindle. In short, it’s my favorite electronic device, bar none.

This is a device that does not attempt to be a mini lap-top or a computer tablet; it is designed for reading under any conditions. Given that is a purpose-built, it excels!

Can I read PDF Documents?

Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader Big View

Absolutely, you can load all your personal documents into Kindle, often PDF can be difficult to read because the print and graphics are so small. This is easily overcome by zooming in using the landscape mode which makes reading these kinds of documents very easy on the eyes.

Send Your Own Personal Documents to use on Your Device

You can use your very own “Manage Your Kindle “ page to send your own documents using the Wi-Fi and a custom email address that is associated with your Amazon account for all the popular file formats, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PRC and MOBI files. (This is a free service)

You can also convert all your PDF files into the Kindle format which will allow you to use the “Text to Speech” feature, annotation and variable font sizes. Again a very easy process done by simply emailing the files using the address assigned to your account.

If you want to transfers files directly, you can do that too very easily with USB.

Compatible Devices

Kindles Compatible Devices

What Other Types of Files Can I use?

Pretty much any type of Non-Protected text files (Files Protected by Digital Rights Management).
Documents: Kindle (.AZW, .AZW1). Text (.TXT), Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOBI, .PRC)
New Features Coming Soon!
With some limitations, you will be able to loan out your Kindle books to friends that have a Kindle or are using the App for 2 weeks.

Which Kindles Do I Need? Wi-Fi or 3G Wi-Fi

Kindle Wi-FiThis decision will depend on how you plan to use your eReader. The first thing to be said is that you do not need to use the internet to use your Kindle. You can still read all the content that has already been loaded.

If you want to browse and download from the Kindle store, surf the internet then you need to use Amazon’s Whispernet feature which is a method of accessing the Kindle Store and the internet.

You can manage your Kindle content on your computer by accessing your Amazon account and download all your books and transfer to your PC or laptop using a USB cable.

Wi-Fi limits your access to the internet by the location of the closest wireless router that you can use.

3G is a wireless technology that is most commonly used for cell phones.

Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader SpecsHow Does the Package Come?

Kindle is ready to use right out of the box – no setup, no software to install, no computer required.

Kindle wireless reader
U.S. power adapter
(Supports 100V-240V)
USB 2.0 cable
(For connection to the Kindle power adapter or to connect to a computer.)

Kindle Specifications

What Kind of Warranty Does It Come With?

It has a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. An extended warranty which covers you for accidental damage like spills or drops. The 2nd year also extends your coverage for failures during normal operation.

A Few Review Excerpts

Amazon Kindle

Update: Prices have dropped for this device Check the latest price now!

Dixie Iverson
Dixie Iverson