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Pete MarkovicThe 21st century has brought an array of new technology which benefits most of us. If you are a book lover and an avid reader, the new technology releases you from the need to store and carry heavy books with you when you are on the go.

My website focuses on everything that relates to any technology that enhances the ability to read books. Particularly mobile devices which allow one to listen too or read a book anywhere, anytime.

While I acknowledge that many of you love to hold a traditional book and really enjoy the feel of doing so, I would like to suggest that you may still do that of course, but also consider that as much holding and reading a paper book is a pleasure in itself, a digital book for those times when you are on holiday or any other time where the bulk and weight of paper books might not be practical.

Why Did I Build this Website?

Back in early 2006, I was having ongoing problems with lack of sleep due to insomnia. I was looking around online to find if there was anything I could listen to at bedtime that might help me relax and hopefully fall asleep. It was then that I found some information about audio books, also known as talking books which were well known for their association with the blind and visually impaired people.

When I mentioned (narrated books) audio books to friends, they all reacted in the same way; they had all heard of them but assumed they were for the blind and not something for normally sighted people. It was around this time that my research showed that I was not the only normally sighted person interested in audiobooks, because of new inroads in technology, digital files were now increasingly being downloaded to portable devices which meant that not only music but digitally recorded books could now be listened to on the go or anywhere at all, a revolution had begun.

I was very interested in all this technology and the ability to not only listen too but read digital books (eBooks) anywhere and anytime!

I had a lot to learn about all the new technology and it occurred to me that I would not be the only one, I decided to build a website dedicated to offering information and help to anyone who needed it, given that the technology would continue to evolve and improve, I decided I would keep abreast of it and share what I learn with my websites visitors.

Take a little time and read some of the articles and reviews on my website and consider the virtues of digital books. My hope is that you may find that you will embrace it as so many already have.

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Peter Markovic

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