Month: November 2012

New Audio Book Releases November 2012 Retirement Plan by Martha Miller and More!

Want to buy new audio books, but are not sure which new releases will suit your taste? Here’s a brief review of the top 5 new audio books to help you choose the most appropriate new additions for your collection. 1. Jacked Up: Fast Track Series, Book 6 By: Erin McCarthy Publisher: Tantor Audio Narrated by: Emily Durante Customer Rating: Not Rated Yet Length: 8 hrs and 17 mins Audible Release Date: 11-19-12 Summary: A stock-car PR rep, Eve Monroe is a career-oriented woman who loves her job. An on-track wardrobe malfunction involving Jackman Nolan Ford, an incident that...

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Audiobook Best Sellers | A Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell, Dead Earth by Mark Justice and More!

Audiobook readers don’t make journeys shorter, but they certainly make them more pleasurable. Flying and commuting to and fro from airports can be interesting if you do it once or twice a year, not when you do it 5 to 7 times every month. If you travel a lot and have somehow remained a stranger to the charms of audiobooks, we recommend that you add an audiobook reader to your handbag when you travel. And if you don’t know any good audiobooks, you may choose to listen to the following bestsellers: 1. A Cast-Off Coven: Witchcraft Mysteries Series, Book...

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