Month: March 2012

Listen Your Way To Good Health

More and more people are becoming hungry for change and conscious of the food they eat and the way it affects their overall health. Books about new diet programs, healthy recipes and food preparation regularly reach the top of the bestseller lists. If you don’t have time to sit down and read such publications, however, you can still reap their benefits by listening to them in an audio book format. A great variety of digital books are available online that deal with every aspect of diet and nutrition that will allow you to listen your way to healthy living and wellness. Take a look at some of the intriguing titles that are available: Cookbooks: You may think that you need a paper cookbook on your kitchen counter in order for it to be useful, but an audio title such as “Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right” can let you use the time you spend driving or exercising to learn lots of pertinent information. You may also enjoy an audio presentation such as “The Family Affair Cookbook” which contains memories of the 1960s TV series by that name, as well as tasty recipes. Food-Themed Radio Shows: In many areas, you can hear radio broadcasts that discuss food and cooking and impart handy tips and tricks to use in the kitchen. “The Splendid Table” and “A Chef’s Table” are just two...

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