Audio Books Exercise Your Brain and Imagination

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The other night I was reminiscing with a friend of mine while we were out for dinner.

We were talking about the ‘Good Old Days’. You know that thing you swear you would never do when you are young.

Let us be honest everyone has the good old day’s stories to tell. Especially if you are in the over 50s age group you may want to reminisce too.

When we were Younger

If you think back to when we were kids and how different life is for the young today than it was for us. The young today have gadgets for everything and yet they will miss some of the real important basic things in life. The conversation with my friend was about the chores we would have to do like wash and dry the dishes without a dishwasher. Walk half a mile to find a phone box to make a call even in an emergency.

When we had a new puppy that needed puppy house training we would be taking it out for a walk every five minutes rain or shine so that it would not make a mess in the house. Then there were things that we considered a weekly treat, like 2 ounces of sweets on a Saturday and being allowed to stay up later to listen to a story on the radio before going to bed.

Audio Books Exercise Your Brain And Imagination

Stirs the Imagination

I used to love to listen to the radio. The stories were so captivating and really made us use our imaginations. Even after all these years, I remember the emotions I would feel just listening.

There was the fear that would rise as you heard the sound of the footsteps coming toward you, the pictures that I could swear were real but of course this was radio and they were in my imagination.

“Those were the years of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Cliff Richard”

All that suspense and then you would have to wait until the following week to find out who did it! Then came the television age and the art of listening to stories on the radio were forgotten for most. When you passed the kid stage and became a teen the radio was for music.

Those that listened to radio Luxembourg on their transistor radios will recall the constant fading in and out and try to tune in to the station by constantly moving the dial.

Those were the years of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Cliff Richard (if you were listening in the UK) and many more up and coming artists of that time. Music was the thing! Over the years of television and movies it got to be that we did not need to use our imagination any longer. There was nothing left to the imagination at all, everything stared us right in the face.

Introduced to Audiobooks

Audio Books MP3 Player

My brother and sister-in-law introduced me to audiobooks several years ago. They live in the UK and they listen to talking books a lot. They had come over to Canada for a vacation. We hired a houseboat with a hot tub for a few days and by day we would go boating, water skiing and practice our golf swing up on the deck with Medicus dual hinge training aid that my brother had just got for his birthday.

In addition, at night we would sit in the hot tub under the stars and chat then settle for the night. My brother, his wife and his 3 kids would all, pull out their little player with their books put on their head phones and listen to them as they fell asleep. Apparently, they relax that way every night before falling asleep.

Appreciated by Family

Obviously, when you have someone in the family with an interest like that it makes it easy for you to know what to get them as a gift. As you can imagine they have a huge collection of audio books by now. They often have them as gifts now that people know what they like. Recorded books are really a great thing to have whether you are travelling in your car or especially on a long flight.

You can get carried away just like in the old days. You can give your imagination some exercise, learn new things, relax and help pass the time all in one go. If you are going travelling in your RV or relaxing on an exotic beach somewhere they are a great thing to pack to take with you. What could be more relaxing than lounging on the beach or around the pool with a margarita and your favorite digital book?

Author Bio: Shirley Price is the author of Life By Design Over 50 a social site for over 50’s. Shirley herself is in the over 50-age group and lives in the beautiful City of Vancouver Canada. She is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother.

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