Month: January 2011

Audio Books on iPod or iPhone: How to Manage Your Media

I rely on my iPod for everything. Calendar, contacts, notes, eBooks, music, videos, and audiobooks are all on there with some fun apps and games. If you are new to using an iPod, or are wondering how to manage your audiobook media, read on for some tips. iTunes and Audiobooks iTunes is a great tool for managing audiobooks. It supports Audible audiobook formats as well as AAC format (this is the format of audiobooks downloaded from iTunes). Both formats have restrictions related to digital rights management (DRM). iTunes purchases may be played on up to 5 authorized computers and...

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How to Back Up Your iTunes Audiobook Purchases

Don’t Lose Your Media! Technology is wonderful… until it breaks. If your computer’s hard drive fails, you risk losing everything, including your downloaded media. I have music, videos, and audiobooks from iTunes stored on my computer. If it ever crashes, I would lose hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars of media. iTunes is not obligated to allow you to re-download any prior purchases, so you could be out of luck. Rather than risk losing it all, back it up. The first step in backing up your media is choosing what you will use to store your media. You can...

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How to Listen to Audio Books on Your iPod Using Overdrive

Step-by-Step Instructions Many libraries around the globe use OverDrive digital media services to loan out digital content in the form of both eBooks and audiobooks. Here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining, downloading, and managing content from OverDrive. Library Check your local library web site to see if they offer OverDrive digital media. You will need a valid library card to check out materials. Open iTunes Open iTunes and plug in your iPod. Click on your iPod in the source list on the left and make sure “Manually manage music and videos” is checked. Choose Your Content Browse the...

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How to Naviagate the Itunes Store for Audio Books

Finding and Listening to Your Audiobooks. iTunes Tips: The iTunes store can be intimidating if you don’t know how to find what you want. There are a few tricks to making this a bit easier… If you have a favorite author, you can use “Alert Me”. On one of their book pages in iTunes, click on the link. A pop up will confirm your alert preference: Choosing OK will add the author to your list. Choosing Manage My Alerts brings you to this screen: This page gives users the option of receiving email alerts about other artists you have...

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Audio Books are Brought to Life by the Skills of the Narrator

An audio book narrator, commonly called the reader, is the voice of an audio book! Narration is an Art: The voice actor or artist requires special skills to be successful. Certain parallels between an film actor can be drawn. The narration of audio books is an art form requiring talents that are far more than just having a pleasant sounding voice. Considerable preparation is required for the successful recording of a digital book. The narrator will normally pre-read the material for the purpose of applying the skills of script analysis. Considerations include how best to portray the characters by...

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